OptionsHouse Launches Two New Free Trial Services

When it comes to online discount brokers, offering free-trials is not commonplace.  Most discount brokers simply don’t have services that charge monthly fees but OptionsHouse does.  To prove that their services are worth the money they cost, OptionsHouse is offering their coaching service, as well as a subscription to two Morningstar newsletters, free for 90 days.

When we reviewed OptionsHouse, their trading platform and commission structure was top notch.  After speaking with their customer service team, OptionsHouse was without a doubt a top-5 online discount broker and with the addition of two free-trial offers that total over $700 in savings, they’re definitely a top 2 broker!   Let’s take a loot at what these two new promotions actually offer.

Campaign COACH – Toward the end of February, OptionsHouse decided to launch their 1 on 1 coaching service.  For 12 hours a day, Monday-Friday, an OptionsHouse account holder can call an investment coach, chat about trading, and talk for as long as they want!  In addition to the live coach, you’ll have access to thousands of educational pages within the OptionsHouse site, including complex options trading, volatility markets and other in-depth topics.  This service is free for the first 90-days, which is $347 value.

Campaign MSFREE90 – The second an equally impressive campaign OptionsHouse is running for new account holders is two free subscriptions to Morningstar’s daily newsletter.  If you’re an experienced investor than there’s a great chance you’re familiar with Morningstar, a leader in investor research and advice.  With over 300 analysts contributing to Morningstar’s success, the information you’ll receive is invaluable.  These two investment newsletters also carry a 90-day free trial with a savings of $397.

If you’re new to investing and are looking for a lot of help to begin your stock trading career, signing up for an OptionsHouse account is a very wise play.  There are no account maintenance fees of any kind and when it actually comes time to trade, you won’t find a lower commission anywhere ($2.95 per trade).  Take advantage of the free-trial offers OptionsHouse is offering by signing up for an online trading account today.

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