Idea Shower Firefox Extension: A Great Way to Store Online Information


The Internet offers a wealth of information about personal finance and investing. Whether its a news item, a new online tool you want to try out, or information to help make you a better investor, all this information can be overwhelming. I’ve tried everything from e-mailing a link to myself to using bookmarks, but somehow the information gets lost or I just never return to it. A company called The Idea Shower may have a solution. It’s called Read it Later.

Read it Later is very simple to use. First download the Read it Later Firefox extension. Then when you come across something on the internet that interests you, simply click the “Read Later” button on your Firefox tool bar and the page is stored. If it’s a link you’re interested in, you can even right click the link and add it to the read later folder. When you have more time for reading, you can go back through the list of saved pages either randomly or by choosing each item in a drop down list. If you find something you want to bookmark, the Read Later button gives you a massive list of just about every online bookmarking site available, so bookmarking is a snap.

You can download the Read it Later Firefox extension at Idea Shower.

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