PF Buzz and a Free Ebook

Two of my personal finance blogging friends have recently introduced a new site and Ebook that are absolutely worth checking out. The first is a new site called Personal Finance Buzz, or PF Buzz for short. The second is an Ebook called the College Grad Money Guide.

PF Buzz

PF Buzz was created by a guy I’m convinced never sleeps, Pinyo of Moolanomy. PF Buzz enables readers to submit and vote for their favorite PF blog articles. It’s also a great place to see what PF blog posts others enjoyed and have voted up. You can read Pinyo’s article giving more details about PF Buzz, and then head over to PF Buzz to check it out (and submit a DR post).

College Grad Money Guide

How you handle your money in the first few years following high school or college will in large part determine your future financial destiny. That is why an Ebook such as College Grad Money Guide is so important. And best of all, it’s free. It was written by Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, one of the “old-timers” when it comes to personal financial blogs. He’s done a great job putting this book together, and it’s definitely worth reading.

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  1. DR, thank you for sharing PF Buzz with your readers. I hope to see everyone there!

    Honestly, working on web projects is quite addictive. It’s something that I am still trying to moderate, but it’s difficult.

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