Google’s Tip Jar–Vote for Your Favorite Money Saving Tip

Google just recently launched what it calls the Tip Jar. The Google Tip Jar is a collection of money saving tips that are ranked by the web community. You can submit your own tips and vote for your favorites.

This past December, before Tip Jar was launched, I received an email from a product manager at Google. Now if you are a blogger, Rule #1 is never ignore an email from a Google employee. Here’s what the email said:

One of our ideas is to rank the best economic/money saving tips on the web. Seems like a great time to get this information out there. Because you have a great list of savings tips, we were hoping to include some of your tips for this project. This tip aggregation site will be powered by Google Moderator and will organize money saving tips from all over the web into one place, making it easy for people to add their own tips and vote for tips they like using Google Moderator.

Needless to say, I responded immediately. And as a result, Tip Jar was populated with a slew of money saving tips from the Dough Roller. All of the tips are organized into several categories, including finance, home, vacation, kids & family, food, and shopping. You can search for tips, and each tip indicates its source. So if you are looking for some money saving ideas, or even want to submit your own ideas, check out Google’s TipJar.

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