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Whether you're unemployed or just need a bit of extra cash, finding odd jobs online is a great place to start. These 12 websites can be good places to find odd jobs that make good money.

Be warned: they might require you to be a bit open-minded and creative and to have a good sense of humor. But many of the tasks listed on these sites don’t require you to have a special skillset. So it’s really all about what you’re willing to do to make a few extra bucks.

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Swagbucks is a simple way to Earn Money Online. Have you ever wanted to make cash while surfing the web, searching on Google, watching YouTube or playing games? Swagbucks is an easy way to cash, gift cards or even make a donation with everyday activities you do with your computer.

All you have to do is complete small tasks that you normally do online like installing applications, filling out surveys, searching the web – for each action you will get points that can be converted to prizes.

Signing up for the service is free and simple, you can install a toolbar that interfaces with the browser and start earning immediately!


Fiverr showcases a variety of tasks that people will perform for fairly low rates. Originally, as you might guess, the concept was that each task would cost $5. These days, you can price your tasks for anywhere from $5 to $995. The tasks are called Gig Packages.

With Fiverr, you can perform either skilled or unskilled tasks. For instance, many graphic designers offer logo design packages for a set rate. Likewise, a writer might offer to write a press release for a flat rate. But you can also offer unskilled tasks such as administrative tasks or data entry tasks.

As a service provider, you can list the tasks you’re willing to perform and the price for while you’ll perform them. You’ll get paid upon completion–less fees–through Fiverr’s secure payment system. You may not make a ton of money, but it’s a good option as a side gig, especially if you can showcase the skills people are looking for.

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Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is currently available in 39 metro areas across the United States. The full list of cities is available here. The process is simple. You can sign up to become a Tasker, and then you can bid on local jobs you’re willing to do for some extra money.

Popular categories include handyman, cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, and personal assistant tasks. You can search the interface for tasks in your area, and then tell the asker how much you’d charge for such a task.

Generally, the project will go to the lowest bidder. You’ll get paid through the secure online system when you complete the task.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get some of your everyday tasks done, you can also hire help through Task Rabbit.

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Zaarly is another site that helps you match up your skills with local needs, but it’s actually set up to benefit small businesses. As of right now, Zaarly is only available by invitation for small business owners who are known for their customer service.

Zaarly lets buyers find local businesses in a variety of service areas. Buyers can review service providers in their local area. So if you already have or are interested in starting, for instance, a landscaping, DJ, or cleaning business, aiming to wind up on Zaarly could be beneficial.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk gives businesses and developers access to people who can perform the work they need. The jobs on Mechanical Turk take a human touch, but they’re fairly simple and automated. Amazon calls them HITs–Human Intelligence Tasks.

For instance, you might need to identify photos that have houses in them. This task is beyond a computer, but it’s really easy. Your identification will help developers create CAPTCHA systems and other things.

Each job tells you up front how much it’s worth. If you’re efficient, you can make $10+ per hour on Mechanical Turk.

To get started just sign up to become a worker and from there you can start searching for jobs. Here’s an example of what you will see when you are searching:

Amazon Mechanical Turk


This site focuses on data. It offers microtasks to complete, similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk. The tasks will include cleaning up, labeling, and collecting data. You can complete the tasks in just a few minutes and make a few bucks in the process.


The EasyShift app offers an interesting take on microtasking in that it focuses on your local area. Tasks might include taking pictures of products at local stores, checking prices, or looking into local stores’ promotions. There are tasks available across the United States, and you’ll get paid within two days of completing a task.

EasyShift App

Field Agent

This app is similar to EasyShift, in that it focuses on local tasks you’ll actually have to go places to perform. Tasks might include checking prices and taking photos of products at local stores. You can also sign up for Scavenger Hunts, which involve hunting down specific products to answer questions about. The typical job pays between $1 and $12, and you can cash out your money at any point.

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The tasks on GigWalk can make you a bit more money–up to $100 or more. After you sign up for an account, you’ll look for gigs in your local area. You’ll complete the gigs through the app and get paid through PayPal. The jobs on GigWalk come from brands and retailers who want to check out their products, displays, and pricing across various locations. To complete the gig, you’ll probably have to document your work through geo-tagged photos.

Fancy Hands

If you’d like to specialize in work-from-home administrative tasks, Fancy Hands may be for you. The available jobs may include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, price checking products and services, finding hotels, doing data entry, or performing internet research. You’ll have to actually apply for the job, and you’ll make $3 or more per task.

One interesting thing about Fancy Hands is that it allows for upward mobility. If you perform the job well, you could be promoted into a managerial position, which would put you in charge of other assistants.


Like many of the sites featured here, Spare5 is meant to help developers and businesses complete simple tasks that still require a human touch. Tasks often include tagging photographs, offering keywords for photos, or even finding the edges of a photographed object. The goal is to help computers get smarter by feeding them loads of data. You might also work on audio or video files.

Once again, you’ll need to use the website or app to get access to the tasks, and you’ll get paid through PayPal.



This site has an interesting twist in that it has you reviewing phone calls. You know all of those phone calls you make to customer service lines where the call is recorded? Services like this one are why! With Humanatic, you’ll listen to recorded calls, and then answer questions about the calls. The service then provides companies with detailed analytics so they can hopefully improve their customer service processes. You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 per hour with Humanatic.

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Lisa says:

Love these new companies! Don’t forget WeGoLook.com- very similar to Zaarly, TaskRabbit and AgentAnything- over 7,000 nationwide agents are ready to be dispatched by the consumer, property owner, business professional and online daters. Check it out!

Hey ,thanks for the extra information! I think I'll check it out! Good day. says:

Great Info, and informative too.

I have used Elance.com to find freelance work. There are very technical tasks on there, but there are also many simple tasks that anyone could do. Some involve cold calling, phone surveys, appointment setting, and data entry. If you have technical skills such as computer programming or graphic artistry, this could be a good option for you.

miriangela alvarado says:

I´m looking for an extra money, this is a good way to do it.

Vic says:

You explain the pay rate for Humanatic above, but honestly, offering between $1 and $4.50/hour should be illegal. All of these crowdsourcing jobs are designed to circumvent laws designed to protect workers while creating wealth for the few who work at the top. ” From the Humanatic FAQ: “…$1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy. Be patient and consistent and you will achieve great things!”
How exactly will I be achieving “great things” by making less than 1/2 of minimum wage?

Deb says:

I must say I completely agree with you regarding $1.00 to $4.50 per hour is against the law.

Wendy says:

I agree, why is the pay rate so LOW, especially for this job.

Sonya says:

My daughter got sick in another state and I can to be with her. She is in icu. This 4.5 an her has helped me to make some money to eat on and not have to leave her. I could not just go get a job somewhere. This gives people who are desperate for money.

Victoria says:

That’s exactly the point though, they are exploiting your desperation for profit. As someone who works for a government organization that tries to help people find jobs that can sustain them, it’s horrifying to see companies market this exploitation as though it is a life-saver. They are only skewing job markets even more in their favor and this transformation will have long-term effects on the livelihood of this and future generations…

Uden says:

Yeah so wouldn’t it be a lot better if you made minimum wage? There are laws in place to prevent this kind of thing for a reason. No one is talking about shutting down the service, they’re saying you’re not getting paid enough to perform the tasks they require of you.

Chris Gaulding says:

When I lost my job for a period years ago, I used Odesk for a bit. Lots of jobs there but aas you note it was by bid and people (these sites often draw from the international community) were willing to work for $2-$3 an hour. I did some transcription work at $50 a job. I could usually get them done in 5 hours so it was better than minimum wage. But I had to really hunt for those decent jobs

ADS says:

This is a very First World View. You seem to forget many of these online jobs can be done by people in Developing Countries, where making $2-$4/hr would provide a wage much greater than other jobs available to them. Nobody is forced to take these jobs- if you can find a better paying gig- go for it! But in your “fight” for a “living wage” you cannot only focus on First World people.

Truf says:

You’re either missing the point or your argument is disingenuous. You make it sound as if anyone living in a developed country should be able to get “better paying jobs” whenever they choose—like free apples hanging on low branches. Where did you get this idea? People in developed countries who are looking for low-skill online work aren’t more likely to become neurologists, lawyers, and venture capitalists than people in developing countries looking to work for $2-4 per hour. They’re an equivalent labor pool. If you are poor, desperate, and living in a developed country, there are substantial hurdles you have to overcome to gain access to the elite professions that would provide sustainable income to counterbalance the high cost of living. These people need low-skilled jobs (commensurate with their current abilities or circumstances and matching the cost of living in a developed country) in order to sustain themselves. You’re not helping them by reminding them that $4 an hour is good pay for someone in a poor country. There’s a reason for labor laws: to prevent exploitation. When a robot eventually takes over your job, what are you going to do, throw a party for it?

Pete says:

If you don’t like the wage, don’t take the job

Adrienne says:

Exactly what I was looking for. THANK YOU Christina!

Qlinda moore says:

I haven’t used any of the above income producing apps. , but have been searching for this type of supplemental income. I am retired,and a single female with multiple skills and talents,, however, not the mainstream desired age to hire.. Im hoping this will be the producing element i need to live more than exist !!!