Is Realty Mogul the Easiest Way to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

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Realty Mogul

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On July 10, 2017
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Realty Mogul is an attractive option for anyone interested in investing in real estate loans and equity.

Is it possible to get involved in large-scale real estate projects without actually buying a property outright on your own? Realty Mogul proves it is.

The company offers an easier alternative to developing properties on your own. You don’t have to deal with the hassles and commitments of managing real estate. It makes commercial real estate investing possible for anyone.

Many crowdfunding websites promise investors a piece of the pie. However, Realty Mogul has actually succeeded at financing the first crowdfunded hotel in the country. The company famously raised $1.5 million to build the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, California, easily selling out of its offered shares in the campaign.

The company combines its staff of professionals in the worlds of real estate, finance, and investment technology with real investors. The combination creates a powerful method for financing projects and getting real estate developments off the ground.

Can Realty Mogul really help everyday people enjoy the same opportunities as experienced property moguls? The platform succeeds in many ways when it comes to opening up the world of investing to people who aren’t property development experts. Take a look at what investors can expect when they sign up for Realty Mogul in this review.

Who Can Invest With Realty Mogul?

Realty Mogul is open to everyone, from first-time investors seeking low-risk opportunities to seasoned investors interested in trying out crowdfunding platforms.

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Accredited, non-accredited, and institutional investors can all use the tool. It actually offers tailored tools and features for all three types of investors. Users can also choose to invest in real estate loans or equity investments.

Realty Mogul has earned a reputation for legitimacy in an industry that is known for investments that are (frequently) too good to be true. Investors can begin by investing as little as $1,000 in commercial real estate opportunities that have been vetted by the company’s team of experts. However, some projects do have higher investment minimums.

Realty Mogul only transfers money from a user’s account if the investment they choose reaches its crowdfunding goal.

Technology That Works for Investors

Realty Mogul offers something that even some of the biggest real estate moguls of the past century never could have dreamed of possessing: The company uses cutting-edge technology to create smart investments.

The company relies heavily on data scientists and proprietary software to identify the best investment opportunities. It uses predictive analysis to understand real estate trends. This should give users peace of mind about the fact that the minds behind Realty Mogul aren’t just shooting in the dark when they introduce funding opportunities.

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What Types of Projects Does Realty Mogul Finance?

Realty Mogul boasts an impressive roster of investments throughout the country’s biggest cities. Past projects have included hotels, apartment buildings, storage facilities, office buildings, and medical offices.

The Numbers

To date, users have invested over $265 million through Investors have used this money to successfully finance more than 350 properties. The combined value of investments is over $700 million.

What Users Can Expect

Realty Mogul offers a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for clients to keep track of their investments.

The company provides a simple way to browse opportunities and select individual investments. Investors can execute all legal and financial documents involved with an investment online. In addition, users can enjoy around-the-clock investment monitoring from anywhere using a personal dashboard. As for returns, investors receive monthly or quarterly distributions.


Fees can be a little bit tricky when you’re dealing with Realty Mogul.

Every deal has its own specific fee structure. This means investors must deal with the fact that there is no uniformity regarding fees across the platform. However, the company is very transparent, and they clearly state the fees for each investment from the outset.

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Realty Mogul is based in Los Angeles. It’s not surprising, then, that the company has a history of focusing strongly on investments on the West Coast.

But they recently opened an office in Atlanta to begin expansion on the East Coast. Users have already had opportunities to invest in properties in places like New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

The Bottom Line

Realty Mogul is an attractive option for anyone interested in investing in real estate loans and equity.

The company offers a very simple investment process, as a whole. It removes many of the complicated barriers that prevent people from exploring the potential of owning commercial real estate. Investors using Realty Mogul get the thrill of investing personally in high-profile properties with the ease of managing paper assets.

If you’ve ever considered investing in commercial properties but don’t have the knowledge, experience, or tons of cash you may think you need to do so, might be worth a look.

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