OptionsHouse Updates Low Cost Options Pricing Structure and Trading Tools

OptionsHouse recently changed its pricing structure for options trading and added some new trading tools.

OptionsHouse Low Cost Options Trades

OptionsHouse recently announced some significant changes to its trading platform. The discount broker has updated both its pricing structure and its trading tools. OptionsHouse still offers flat rate stock trades for just $2.95. But it’s updated its cost of options trades as follows:

The first option caters to customers who trade less than 10 option contracts per leg and is referred to as the “5 for $5” plan. Under this plan, single-leg trades are $5 for up to 5 contracts plus $1 for each additional contract.

The second option caters to customers who generally trade more than 10 contracts per leg. Under this plan, single-leg trades are $8.50 plus 15 cents for each additional contract.

OptionsHouse New Options Pricing

OptionsHouse New Options Pricing

OptionsHouse Mobile Trading

OptionsHouse has launched a mobile trading platform. The new platform allows you to do the following right from your phone:

  • Make trades and update your positions
  • View your OptionsHouse portfolio vitals
  • Get real-time views on account balances
  • Check active positions
  • Monitor portfolio performance
  • Get real-time quotes
  • View and trade from the options chain
  • Access your OptionsHouse Watchlist

New Research Tab

OptionsHouse has replaced its “Stock” tab with a “Research” tab. Its Research platform has enhanced data for company fundamentals, analyst opinions and basic earnings data. They’ve also added new features including ETF data, technical indicators, historical strategy analysis, market event calendar, performance graphs correlated to earnings events, analyst opinions and insider trading information.

OptionsHouse Research Tab

OptionsHouse Research Tab

The research tab provides so much information, that I’ve started using it daily to track the markets and various issuers. You can check out these features directly on OptionsHouse’s Website.

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