OptionsHouse IRA Offers 100 Free Trades + Up To $125 In Transfer Fees

OptionsHouse has just released a new offer for those looking to open an IRA retirement account. When you open an IRA with OptionsHouse, you’ll get 100 free trades and OptionsHouse will reimburse you up to $125 in account transfer fees from your existing broker. This offer covers traditional IRAs as well as Roth IRA, SEP IRA and rollover IRA accounts. To qualify, you must open the account with a minimum of $3,000. To get details on this offer, just go to the OptionsHouse IRAFree page. If OptionsHouse asks for a promo code, be sure to use IRAFREE.

Among the best discount brokers, OptionsHouse is making a strong push for retirement accounts. In addition to the bonuses noted above, there are no set-up fees, maintenance fees, low balance fees, or annual fees with an IRA account at OptionsHouse. You can trade stocks for a flat fee of $2.95 per trade. And their pricing on options contracts is one of the lowest in the industry.

For more details, check out our OptionsHouse Review.

As you consider where to open an IRA retirement account, make sure that the brokers you are considering offer the type of account you need. Last year I spent a considerable amount of time researching the best brokers for a SEP IRA account. What I learned is that not all brokers offer that type of account. Ultimately I chose Scottrade, and have been very happy with the low cost and excellent service.

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