Morningstar is the premier destination for investment research, news, tools and analysis. Whether you invest in individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives or even hedge funds, Morningstar can help make you a smarter (and richer) investor.

I’ve been a premium member of Morningstar for a long time, but even its free level of membership offers a wealth of information and tools that every investor should use. To help you make the most of what Morningstar has to offer, you’ll find here a series of Morningstar User Guides.

These guides will walk you through step-by-step how to use the tools and research at Morningstar. I’ll be regularly adding to the series, so be sure to check back frequently for more updates or you can just bookmark this page.

Morningstar Basics

If you’re new to Morningstar, these guides will help you get your feet wet with all that Morningstar has to offer:

Morningstar Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager is more than just a stock and mutual fund tracker. Morningstar’s Portfolio Manager can tell you just about everything concerning your investments. Want to know the weighted average expense ratio of your mutual funds? How about the date of the last analyst report for each stock or fund with a link to the report? Or what about the weighted average turnover percentage for your portfolio? Morningstar can tell you all this and more.

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Morningstar Investing Tools