Invest Like a Monkey–An Online Tool to Put Your Investing Genius to the Test

Did you ever wonder just how well you could pick stocks if you managed a mutual fund or hedge fund? Well, if you don’t have a few billion dollars lying around to start your own fund, there’s a free solution called Tipping Monkey. Tipping Monkey is a free service that allows you to create an investment portfolio simulation. You can invest virtual money in the stock market and compare your investments’ performance with others.


But don’t think of Tipping Monkey as entertainment only. It can also teach you about some of the more advanced trading options. For example, do you know the difference between a covered call and a naked put? Trust me, you don’t want to leave your puts naked (and I know a few regulators who might be interested if you did). Tipping Monkey allows you to try out these and other more sophisticated investment vehicles and techniques (leverage, short-selling, options and other derivatives) to see how they impact your portfolio’s performance.

And if you run a hedge fund on Tipping Monkey, others can invest their virtual money in your fund, which gets its own ticker symbol, quotes and charts. Don’t you just love the Internet!

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  1. The whole idea of Tipping Monkey is to provide enough flexibility for different types of investors to learn or showcase the best of their favorite instruments and strategies, risk FREE.

    You can build portfolios using stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs and even other members’ virtual hedge funds (i.e. fund-of-funds), and show us how to get Alpha returns – your way. 🙂

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