DR 003: How to Invest for Retirement with Rick Ferri

One of the best books on investing is All About Asset Allocation by Rick Ferri. He’s written several great investing books, but AAAA is my favorite. It’s a must read, particularly if you’re just starting out or want to learn more about passive investing.

In 2013 at a personal finance bloggers conference I had the chance to talk with Rick.  His investing philosophy, like mine, is one of long-term, passive investing with low cost index funds.

Rick was kind enough to agree to an interview for this podcast. We cover a lot of investing topics.

Topics Covered with Rick Ferri

  • Why a 100% equity portfolio is ideal for young investors if they can tolerate the volatility
  • How investors can change their asset allocation to deal with market volatility
  • What is the 3-Fund Portfolio
  • Why passive investing is the ideal philosophy for most investors
  • How much should you be saving
  • How much do you need to retire

Other Topics Covered in this Podcast

  • Why Healthcare.gov’s estimate of insurance premiums misses the mark by a wide margin
  • How your FICO credit score affects car insurance premium
  • The best cash back credit card for holiday shopping

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

Topics: Investing

Deal of the Day: CIT Bank is offering a fantastic 2.20% APY on their Savings Builder Account. There are no monthly maintenance fees and the minimum deposit to open is $100. FDIC Insured.

4 Responses to “DR 003: How to Invest for Retirement with Rick Ferri”

  1. Rodger Frego

    Btw, at the moment you can buy the ” Richest Man in Babylon” book ( Kindle version) for only $3.99 on Amazon, If you use Discover it or Chase Freedom credit card the real total cost after cash back is only $3.80. Regards, Rodger

  2. Rodger Frego

    Hi Rob, I’ve been listening to your podcasts and enjoy them very much. On this particular podcast you mentioned the “Discover It “card offering 5% cash back for Amazon purchases during the Christmas season. I wanted to let you know I use Chase Freedom CC and they have the same 5% cash back deal from October-December. It’s a great deal. In fact they gave me $125 just for signing up for the card and I always pay in full each month using their automatic payment
    option. I use Amex Blue cash CC at grocery stores and get a 3% cash back year round. It’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep. Rodger

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