A reader recently asked which low cost stock brokers pay the highest interest rates on cash. This question is particularly important if you plan to have a fair amount of cash in your brokerage account. And the interest rates paid by brokers on cash balances vary considerably. Some brokers don’t pay any interest, while others offer rates comparable to interest rates on demand accounts like high yield savings accounts or short term CDs. So if you are looking for an online broker that pays interest on cash balances, here are some of your best options.

Wealthfront Cash Account

Wealthfront Cash is a newer player to the cash game, but their offering is pretty nice. Currently, you can get a cash account that earns 0.35% APY. The account is FDIC-insured up to $1 million, has no fees, and you only need $1 to open an account. What I also like about this account is the fact you can make unlimited free transfers every month–something a traditional savings account won’t let you do (usually the limit is six withdrawals per month before you’re charged a fee). If you’re looking for somewhere to store cash for a rainy day, or just want to house your uninvested cash until you invest it – this might be your best bet. Also, Wealthfront has JUST launched their checking feature–giving you access to a debit card, direct deposit, bill pay, cash at ATMs, and a whole lot more. Plus, you can get paid up to two days early when you set up direct deposit. Wealthfront just changed the game.

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Of all the online brokers, E*TRADE is perhaps best known for its cash management features. In addition to stock brokerage services, E*TRADE also offers banking services. With an E*TRADE brokerage account, you get access to an online savings account. Funds can be easily and quickly transferred between accounts. E*TRADE also allows you to set up an automatic savings plan. Currently, E*TRADE’s online savings accounts pay 0.05% interest. E*TRADE also offers online checking and CDs. Because these rates change frequently, you can get current rates and details about E*TRADE’s brokerage services on the E*TRADE website.

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