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The investment brokerage industry has become incredibly competitive, with firms routinely offering all kinds of incentives - from cash bonuses to free trades and more. As can be expected, the offers - and the firms making them - change throughout the year. Here is a list of the best broker promotions, deals and bonuses of 2019.

Below is a list of nine brokerage firms and their promotions, deals and bonuses in 2019. It’s up to you to decide which is the best offer for your particular situation, so we’ve listed them in alphabetical order for your to peruse. Enjoy!

You Invest by J.P. Morgan

You Invest by J.P. MorganYou Invest by J.P. Morgan is offering up to $725 in cash bonuses for new accounts.  Customers can choose to open a run of the mill brokerage account, Traditional IRA or Roth IRA.  All qualify for the cash bonus.

The cash bonus amount is determined based on the size of your deposit:

  • $200 cash bonus if you deposit at least $25,000
  • $350 cash bonus if you deposit at least $100,000
  • $725 cash bonus if you deposit at least $250,000

(All accounts must be funded at these levels in the first 45 days and remain in the account for at least 90 days)

You Invest by J.P. Morgan offers a $0 trading cost on all stock, option and ETF trades.  They also have a mobile app (Chase Mobile App) that makes trading a breeze.


Ally Invest

Ally Invest is currently offering a terrific cash promotion where new account holders can earn up to $3,500 when signing up.  Details are as follows.

  • Up to $3,500 cash bonus – Depending on how much money you have available to deposit, Ally Invest is prepared to give you a cash bonus of up to $3,500 on top of your deposit.
  • To qualify, accounts must be funded within 60 days of account opening. The qualifying deposit to open the new account must be made from outside Ally Invest. To receive the minimum cash bonus, you must invest a minimum of $10,000. This minimum must remain in the account (minus any trading losses) for a minimum of 90 days from the date of funding.

Charles Schwab

In addition to regular low stock trading fees of $8.95 per trade, Charles Schwab is currently offering 500 commission-free online trades for an entire year. The offer includes quarterly one-on-one check-in sessions with a trading coach over the course of the year.

In order to qualify, you need to open a new account and make a net deposit of $50,000 or more. The deposit must be made within 45 days of opening the new account.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments already offers an attractive investment platform with regular stock trades at $7.95 per trade. But they are also offering a free trades bonus with both regular accounts and IRAs. The offer is open to both new accounts and new deposits into existing accounts.

Fidelity Investments also uses a sliding scale but only two tiers for free trades

  • $50,000 – $99,999 deposit – 100 free trades
  • $100,000+ deposit – 200 free trades

The offer is open to both new and existing account holders. You must designate an existing eligible Fidelity brokerage IRA or brokerage account or open and fund a new eligible Fidelity brokerage IRA or brokerage account. The bonus will be calculated on net deposits into the qualifying account over a 60-day period from the time of registration.

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FirsTrade is offering up to 500 commission-free trades for 30 days. Eligibility rules require you to open a new account and deposit at least $2,000 into it within 30 days of opening. That’s on top of their already low stock trading fee of $6.95 per trade.

They are also offering cash bonuses for larger deposits, in addition to 500 commission-free trades for 30 days:

  • 500 Free trades on $2,000 minimum deposit
  • $100 bonus + free trades on deposits between $25,000 and $49,999
  • $200 bonus + free trades on deposits between $50,000 and $99,999
  • $300 bonus + free trades on deposits over $100,000

The account must remain open for 12 months with the minimum funding or assets required for participating in the offer. If not, FirsTrade may charge the account for the cash and commission credits awarded to the account. Qualified IRA account holders must also have a brokerage account with FirsTrade to receive cash rewards.

FirsTrade does disclose that they will issue a Form 1099 on bonuses paid of $600 or more during the calendar year.

FirsTrade is also offering to rebate up to $200 in transfer fees if you transfer at least $10,000 from another brokerage firm.

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is offering 300 no-fee online trades when you open up a new account with them (the normal trading fee is $6.95 per trade). The free trade offer applies to trades on both stocks and ETFs.

Along with the free trades, they are also offering the following bonus schedule:

  • $20,000 or more, $100 bonus
  • $50,000 or more, $150 bonus
  • $100,000 or more, $250 bonus
  • $200,000 or more, $600 bonus

On the surface, this doesn’t look as generous as the previous broker bonuses, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that the $600 kicks in at $200,000, while the others all require $250,000 to get the same bonus money.

The offer applies to new accounts only. You must make a qualifying deposit to your new account within 45 days and maintain the deposit for a minimum of 90 days. Like FirsTrade, Merrill Edge confirms that they may issue a 1099 on the cash bonus.


USAA is offering 50 free trades.

To be eligible the trade must be an equity security, 1,000 shares or less, priced greater than $1, and placed through a self-service channel. Options are not subject to the free trades. After 50 free trades or 90 days (whichever comes first) the account will revert to your gold or platinum fee schedule, depending on asset and activity levels. The offer is good through December 31, 2015.

Have you taken advantage of any of these promotional offers yet?

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