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One of the best ways to make the most of your money is to learn from the best. There are plenty of publications out there designed to help you learn about finance and investing. I dive into the top publications that will keep you learning all about money.

1. Kiplinger’s

For the personal finance basics, it’s hard to beat Kiplinger’s. This magazine takes a look at a wide range of topics for readers to better manage their money. It’s a foundational publication that comes out once a month.

You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get information throughout the month, as well as receive timely alerts that offer actionable information when it’s most relevant. Head over to Kiplinger’s website for quality content on a variety of subjects.

2. Barron’s

One of the most respected investing publications out there is Barron’s. Every week, this publication brings the focus to investing. Rather than including general business and world news, Barron’s is all about ideas for the individual investor. You’ll get market news, in-depth analysis, and more.

Barron’s is aimed at investors with a bit of experience. While it’s not overly technical, it still assumes that you understand some of the basics. This is a great addition to your reading list once you get to the point where you want a little more analysis.

3. Investor’s Business Daily

With this publication, you get a great deal of investment education and information. The print version is no longer available on a daily basis, but it still comes out weekly. For the daily investing information, you can log into your account on

Investor’s Business Daily offers commentary and market analysis to help you find new investing ideas. It also puts larger news events into perspective–helpful as you make portfolio decisions. If you’re a serious investor, this publication offers a lot.

4. Money

This is one of the most well-known publications, offering a well-rounded approach to investing, saving, taxes and retirement. You can also get some solid information about how to pay for college, manage your credit and even improve your career prospects.

There is no longer a print version of this magazine, and the publisher of Money recently sold it to a new firm. However, as long as the content remains high quality, this publication is a great way to receive a little guidance, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

5. Forbes

While the main focus of Forbes is on business, it can be a great money magazine, with insights on investing and the markets. Forbes is also a great publication if you want reporting on various sectors. If you’re considering investments in technology, healthcare, science, law, and more, Forbes can provide you with helpful information that can enhance your portfolio.

In addition to a print version of the magazine, it’s also possible to sign up for investing newsletter with actionable ideas, as well as other digital products aimed at helping different segments of the population.

6. thinkMoney

For active traders, thinkMoney can offer a great deal of insight and information. This magazine is an award-winning publication from T.D. Ameritrade, and it comes out quarterly. If you’re interested in getting into options, how to trade during a crash, and other nuts and bolts issues related to regular trading, this can be a good choice.

One of the great things about this magazine is that it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a subscription. You’ll get a new issue each season, and you can also sign up to receive issues via a mobile app if you’re not interested in receiving a physical copy.

7. Inc.

Another business magazine, Inc. is aimed specifically at small business owners. If you’re hoping to invest in yourself and your growth as a business owner, this can be a solid choice.

With this magazine, business owners receive helpful information related to managing their cash flow, balancing personal finances with business finances, and even how to manage secondary investments. You also get a lot of great tax information and can read interviews full of insight from successful business owners.

If you’re a business owner and you want to take things to the next level while making the most of your resources, Inc. can be a great choice.

8. U.S. News & World Report

This magazine isn’t devoted specifically to finances. However, it does offer a look at a number of domestic and world events and puts them into perspective. This magazine has a knack for bringing news, markets, politics, and other items into what happens in your everyday life--including providing perspectives for your money.

The money section of U.S. News & World Report provides needed insight, along with great tips on how to move forward. Additionally, if you look online for various reports on things like college value, best places to live, and more, you can get a solid idea of where your money is likely to go the farthest.

So, while you might not get deep into financial subjects, this publication helps you learn how to relate what’s going on in the U.S. and the world to your life in a meaningful way - and see how it can impact your everyday finances.

Bottom Line

The best financial and investing magazines are really what works best for you. Consider your goals for your money and what you hope to accomplish with your portfolio. When you have an idea of what you need, seek out publications aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

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With the help of between two and four solid financial and investing magazines, you can make your money work more efficiently on your behalf.

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