Just Saved Another 30% Using Progressive Snapshot

Living in Miami as a single guy with a terrible credit score, my auto insurance bill was out of control.  I’m pretty sure had I decided to pick up comprehensive and collision insurance,  I would have been paying more than most families pay on their mortgage.  Geico was just not cutting it and two years ago, a move was made to Progressive.

Initially, I only saved a few dollars but it was enough where some much needed money was freed up for life’s necessities.  Progressive routinely changed my rate every six months, sometimes in my favor, sometimes in their favor but my rate for only liability insurance consistently hovered around the $110 a month mark.   And for a guy who rarely uses his car to do anything, I thought I was getting screwed.  Not necessarily by Progressive as they were the cheapest carrier I could find, just screwed in general.

As luck would have it however, Progressive decided to launch something called “Snapshot” which tracks the performance of your automobile and can provide you a discount for good driving habits.  Having nothing to lose, I signed up immediately and installed the device in my Mustang.  30 days after using the device, Progress knocked my auto insurance down by $28 a month, making me an extremely happy customer.  Spending 10 minutes to save more than $300 annually was awesome, but today, Progressive is officially my favorite company of all time.

My new policy is slated to begin on the 15th of October and I was mailed my new insurance documents yesterday.  With those documents came a letter informing me that my policy received yet another discount for good driving.  This time, Progressive took another $30 off my bill, bringing the total cost of my monthly auto insurance to just $52!  Taking into account the initial $28 per month discount I received earlier in the quarter, I’ve saved $58 (or 52%) on my car insurance by using the Snapshot device.  That’s an annual savings of more than $700.

Also included in the mail was a return box which I will need to use in order to send the Snapshot device back to Progressive.  I have 30 days to send it back and the postage is already paid for by Progressive.  Now that they are asking for the device back, the discount I have received is final so I can expect this amount to remain consistent so long as I am a Progressive customer who needs to insure his Mustang.

It’s refreshing to see a company live up to their word every once in a while and Progressive far exceeded my expectations.  They’ve done a bang-up job in making sure I’m a long term customer and when the time comes where I need home owners insurance, you bet your sweet boopy I’ll be using them too.  I urge anyone reading this post to consider giving Progressive and they’re Snapshot device a try.  So long as you’re a good driver who doesn’t brake hard all that often, I know you’ll also receive an amazing discount.

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  1. I was in the pilot program for this several years ago (around 2006 I think). At that time, the snapshot device also had a USB port on it and Progressive provided a PC program to allow me to review my own data anytime I wanted.

    There are all kinds of things that stream live from your cars OBDII system when your car is running, but a couple of the key datapoints they were monitoring was miles driven, throttle position, and speed over time (acceleration / deceleration).

    I’m not sure if OBDII has calendar / clock data, but if not the snapshot device used in the pilot program had it’s own. The snapshot would show all of the events with date & time data. … So they can also see what time of day you are driving.

    If you occasionally do any ‘spirited’ driving, or you drive in bumper to bumper freeway traffic that may require fast breaking or acceleration, or if you drive primarily in high crash times (AM rush hour / PM rush hour) or drive between midnight – 6am, or drive an excessive amount of miles during the analysis period, you might be better off not participating.

    Progressive says they will not raise your rate because of data obtained through Snapshot, but there’s no doubt they keep the data and consider it upon every renewal.

  2. wow that’s a sweet deal if you ask me! I’m with All State and have been since the beginning of my insurance life. Who wouldn’t install a device to save you $700/year and it was only for 30 days.. right? There’s no harm in that.

    I just can’t stand their commercials.. argh

  3. I am not comfortable with a large corporation installing a GPS unit in my car just to save a few bucks.

    $28 a month is not worth it for me. I have other ways to save, without giving up so much personal info.

    • The device does NOT have GPS in it. It just monitors your speed and miles driven and such.

      Even if it did have GPS in it what do you really think an insurance company like Progressive would do with that information? Put the time, date and location of your weekly grocery trips into some secret government dossier?

    • Michael Smith

      Amazing article. I read all the horror stories online about the snapshot program and was hesitant to agree and participate. I am 24 years old single male, who had a dwai, 4 accidents, 2 license suspensions, and 1 speeding ticket that was counting against me. Combine that with my credit score, and you guessed it… high insurance. Well progressive quoted me at only 256$ per month. While that might sound high, Gieco was looking for close to 400$ per month. I made mistakes in the past, but have been attempting to fix my driving record, and credit score. I installed the snapshot, and have been monitoring the online information daily. I drive a 2010 Buick lacrosse, a fairly expensive car, but I own it outright, and need insurance. So far I have only had the device installed for a week, but I currently have 0 hard brakes. In my opinion, it is very easy to avoid. I drive a lot safer with it, and am looking forward to huge savings overall. I don’t have any high risk driving time, and am commuting under 40 miles total per day. I love the concept of the device, and it really does promote safety. I’f I continue my driving habits, which I plan to, I look forward to the incredible savings like you received. What’s nice with larger premiums, the savings appear even greater which is outstanding. Thank you for being the only article that reflected the real life savings, and didn’t preach about running over children to avoid hard breaking.

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