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Using search engines to find the content you’re looking for has become the way of life for almost every living, breathing computer user on the planet. In fact, it’s so prevalent that one such search engine has even become a verb — as in, I’m going to Google that later.


If you don’t know how to install a spigot outside, you have three options. You can A) search for a plumber in your area and then give them a call, B) search for videos on “how to install a spigot” and do it yourself, or C) just decide you never want running water outside of your house again. And if you don’t know what a spigot is, there’s little hope for you in this lifetime, so you’d better buck up your life insurance now.

And while we’re on that note….Quotacy Logo

For those in need of life insurance, it’s not an easy task to do a quality search online. Using a standard search engine, you’re likely to see results that may not actually provide you with the best options. Search results are designed to show you advertisers first, followed by companies who write the most relevant content on the subject. Unfortunately, neither will detail for you the best plan for your budget, your family, or your future.

Rather than start your search for life insurance on a general search engine, start it at Quotacy. Quotacy is a search engine designed to specifically provide detailed life insurance options for those in need of a new policy.

Quotacy Life Insurance Calculator

If you’re not quite sure how much life insurance is right for your family, Quotacy offers a simple calculator to help.  There’s not much to it, just the addition of three primary numbers:

  • How much debt your family would like to pay off?
  • How much monthly income do your loves ones need?
  • How many years do they need income?

It’s important to note that life insurance proceeds are NOT taxed by the IRS or your local state government. The amount calculated by Quotacy and the insurance coverage you choose is the amount received by your beneficiary upon your death… no taxes owed.

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Life Insurance Calculator - Quotacy

Quotacy Life Insurance Engine

From start to finish, getting a range of quotes on Quotacy takes all of 60 seconds. There are four steps to complete, each consisting of a couple of easy questions. These included whether or not you use blood-pressure medication, your height and your weight, and whether or not anyone in your family has a history of heart disease.

Once complete, a page will appear showing all of the available plans and prices. From there, you can click “Choose” on the plan of your choice. You will then head to the underwriter’s application page, which will require a more detailed questionnaire to complete your application. The quotes you receive will look something like this:

Quotacy Life Insurance Policies

The quotes I received were for a policy of 10 years, $500,000 in coverage, and I requested them to be shown by annual cost. The answers to my questions were likely what created the cheapest insurance policy, outside of my height/weight (which were listed as 6’0″/210 lbs). Already having purchased a life insurance policy using this engine and choosing Haven Life, I can tell you that completing the process from this stage is a snap as well. It takes between 3-5 minutes, at which point you either receive an approval notice or a notice to complete a physical exam.

Another nice thing about the Quotacy process is that you never leave their site (unless you select a Haven Life policy, at which point you’ll be redirected to their website). The application is completed from Quotacy, and their process is a breeze. The site and navigation are clean and simple, and the questions are straightforward.

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In addition to life insurance, Quotacy also offers an application for disability insurance. This is a little bit more complicated than the simple process they have for term life insurance, but after you fill out a short application, they will show a list of available providers and quotes.

Quotacy Contact Information

If you run into any trouble completing your life insurance application or using your Quotacy account after being approve for a life insurance policy, you can contact Quotacy using the information below.

  • (844) 760-8229
  • info@quotacy.com
  • 505 Highway 169 North, #560 / Minneapolis, MN 55441

To complete a search and find a term life insurance policy that fits your needs, visit www.Quotacy.com

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