Shopping for insurance can take a ton of time and effort. But more and more options are popping up online to allow consumers to shop for insurance more quickly and easily than ever before. Gabi is one of these tools.

What is Gabi?

Gabi is a free online tool that shops for your insurance for you. It’s a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states, and this technology-based tool is meant to help people like you save time and money when you’re shopping for insurance.

Whereas other insurance shopping tools have you compare quotes for yourself, Gabi actually does the comparisons for you so that you can get the right insurance even more quickly.

Gabi Features

One of the interesting things about Gabi is the way that it starts shopping for your insurance. You don’t have to fill out hefty forms or take a cold call from a customer service representative. Instead, you just link in your current insurance plan, or send them a PDF of your current coverage. Gabi will use that to compare up to 20 quotes from different insurance providers, and then you can purchase the new insurance directly through Gabi.

What if Gabi doesn’t find you cheaper insurance than you’re currently paying for? They’ll let you know that you should stick with your current provider.

To actually purchase the insurance, you’ll need to enter some additional information about yourself and your vehicles, but the process is pretty easy.

In short, Gabi takes the idea of online shopping for insurance, both car and home insurance, to the next level. Most other aggregators or online brokers will give you a bunch of quotes that you then need to sort through yourself. But Gabi will actually do the comparison for you, so the process couldn’t be any easier for you.

The other thing that sets Gabi apart is that it’s an actual licensed insurance broker. Which means it’s the platform where you’ll actually buy your insurance. Because of that, they don’t sell your information to myriad insurance companies who then call you individually to try to earn your business. Other aggregators who are simply aggregators do work in this way, which can be annoying if you don’t want to field a million phone calls and emails after you fill out a form.

Pricing and Fees

Gabi is a free platform. Like most brokers, it makes money from the insurance companies when it sells policies. Gabi, however, will present quotes from insurance agencies based solely on which one is the cheapest for you, which means you’ll get the lowest price they can find, regardless of how much they make from your purchase. Gabi doesn’t charge customers directly, either, so you’ll pay the insurance company directly if you decide to switch over your insurance.

How to Use Gabi

The process of using Gabi is quick and simple. You’ll input some basic information about yourself into a form. Then you can connect with your current insurance company via your online account. If you can’t do that, you can give them your insurance declarations via PDF.

Gabi will then use your current insurance information to search for the lowest rate for the same coverage and will give a list of all your options.

If Gabi can scan your data electronically, you’ll get quote comparisons back in 2 minutes. If not, it may take up to 48 hours to get your comparisons.

Once you’ve chosen the insurance you want, you’ll give Gabi additional personal details they need for the insurance company. Then they’ll verify the quote based on your latest information, and show you exactly how much you can save. Once you’re ready to go, you can buy the policy through Gabi.

Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of insurance companies involved — Gabi partners with more than 40 insurance companies, so you’re sure to get plenty of quotes. They partner with big names like Travelers and Nationwide, but also with smaller companies like Clearcover and Mercury.
  • Multiple types of insurance offered — With Gabi, you can get quotes for car and homeowners insurance, as well as renters, condo, and umbrella insurance and landlord policies.
  • Your information stays private — As a broker, Gabi doesn’t benefit from selling your personal contact information to individual insurance companies. So you won’t get a million emails from insurers after you use Gabi.
  • Offers bundled quotes — One of the interesting things you can do with Gabi is shop for bundled home and auto insurance policies. Many aggregators have you do one or the other, but not both, which often saves you money when you do them together.
  • Saves money — Gabi says it saves its customers an average of more than $800. If you haven’t shopped for insurance in a while, you likely stand to save some money from moving to a new insurance company.

  • Doesn’t work with all insurers — As with all brokers and aggregators, Gabi doesn’t work with every potential insurer on the market. So you may miss some companies that could give you a lower quote unless you seek them out separately.
  • May take more time to get back to you — Gabi may take more time to get back to you–up to two days–if your data doesn’t work with its technology. This is most likely if you have to upload a PDF and Gabi’s tech can’t read it well. This doesn’t happen often, but it’s a possibility.

Gabi Insurance Alternatives

There are tons of places online to shop for insurance of various types. However, many of these options are aggregators. They’ll reach out to insurance companies for quotes, but then they’ll pass your information along instead of letting you apply for insurance directly on their website.

Policygenius is also an aggregator but with more of a personal touch. This company also acts as a broker, walking you through the insurance buying process. Policygenius stands out in offering more than home and auto insurance comparisons–you’ll also find options for life insurance, health insurance, and pet insurance.

If you’re simply looking for affordable homeowners or renters insurance, then you may want to look into Lemonade. Here, you’ll find coverage for as low as $5 per month for renters insurance or $25 per month for homeowners insurance. But, if you still need car insurance and live outside IL, TN, TX, OR and OH, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Who is Gabi For?

Gabi is great for those who haven’t shopped around for insurance in a while but are too busy to compare a ton of quotes on their own. If you have an electronic login to your insurance provider’s website, that’s even better. The shopping process can be done quickly on your lunch break so you can ensure you’re getting the best price on your insurance.

Bottom Line

Gabi takes the general concept of online insurance aggregators and the technology that drives them and makes life even easier for insurance shoppers like you.


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