Should You Insure your Vehicle with State Farm?

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We put one of the largest auto insurance companies to the test in this State Farm review. See the quotes we received on a Toyota Highlander XLE.

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One of the first financial responsibilities I had was searching for my very first auto insurance policy. I owned, and loved, a 2003 Ford Mustang (thanks for the help paying for it Grandma). I needed a policy with a low deductible on collision insurance, a low deductible on comprehensive insurance and minimum liability insurance.

Founded in 1922, State Farm is the largest United States auto insurance provider. State Farm has been insuring automobiles for almost 100 years. They have a litany of product awards, reviews and all around good publicity to be able to point to. But does that make them the best auto insurance provider for your needs?

I’d like to look at a few of the things that separates State Farm from their competition, both good and bad. When I selected my first auto insurance provider, the only thing I cared about was the price. Now my concerns range much deeper. I care about customer service, filing claims easily and still price. For the purposes of this review, I’m going to own a 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE with no tickets and a perfect driving record.

State Farm Auto Insurance Pricing

After spending a few minutes going through the State Farm auto quote engine and answering questions I was given three quotes. These quotes were admittedly bulked up a bit with services I do not need (and services I would remove for a cheaper rate).

One of the things I love most about State Farm is that when I go “customize and buy”, they break down every single feature of my coverage and the monthly cost to me. For example, after selecting the standard policy above, I know the following about how that policy is going to cost me $165.50 per month.

  • Liability Insurance–$64.21
  • Comprehensive Coverage w/ Glass Insurance–$19.47
  • Collision Insurance–$75.98
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurance–$5.82
  • Discounts applied ($102.82)
  • Total Monthly Cost – $165.50

Admittedly, that’s fairly expensive compared to my current policy with Progressive. To be fair, I’ve been insured with Progressive for over a decade, have generated a lot of loyalty discounts as well as a discount for insuring my home. I also have a $2,000 deductible for comprehensive and collision. Insuring two cars + a home with Progressive, my monthly cost of insurance for the 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE is just $48 a month. If I increase the deductibles in the State Farm quote above to $2,000, the policy gets a little bit cheaper at $131.10 per month. Still quite a difference. This is why the loyalty I’ve built up with Progressive means I’m likely never to change providers in the future.

State Farm does include a few added benefits not currently on my Progressive policy. They will cover the cost of renting a car if your vehicle is in the shop following a covered collision. In addition, State Farm will take care of you by covering the cost for meals, lodging and transportation if your accident has left you stranded 50 miles or more from home.

State Farm also does something unique for customers who work as drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft. Drivers actually have the option to choose a single policy that covers both personal use and professional ride-sharing use.

Bottom line here is that for me, State Farm is too expensive. But that may not be true for you and your needs, so be sure to fill out a few quote requests and compare. You may find discounts and coverage not offered by other insurers that make State Farm the most attractive option.

State Farm Pocket Agent Mobile App

The State Farm Pocket Agent mobile app can be used as command central for anything to do with your State Farm auto insurance policy. If you need to file a claim, it can be done. If you need to ask for a tow it can be done. You can accomplish just about everything on this app you can from a desktop computer. The features of Pocket Agent include:

  • Paying your bills and making mobile deposits
  • Registering a new account
  • Viewing your insurance card
  • Looking at billing statements
  • Using roadside assistance
  • Submitting a vehicle claim (including a glass only claim)

The Pocket Agent app is actually set up to allow you to request help and locate repair facilities near where you are if you’re signed up for emergency road service.


State Farm Customer Service

There are nearly 18,000 State Farm agents located around the country that you can visit in person if you need help. That said, despite its status as the largest auto insurer in the country, State Farm didn’t even crack the list of the top 10 customer service companies in the J.D. Power 2016 Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey. It earned just three out of five stars based on feedback from actual customers who filed claims within six months of being surveyed. Not good.

State Farm offers a variety of different ways to get in touch with them. If you have an account with State Farm, you can login and send a private message. If you do not, contact information is below if you have any questions:

  • Toll Free phone number–1-800-STATE-FARM (800-782-8332)
  • Claims center
  • General question form
  • Technical question form

State Farm Insurance 
One State Farm Plaza 
Bloomington, IL 61710

State Farm Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of policy options + perks
  • Fantastic Mobile App


  • Expensive for my needs
  • Poor customer service ratings

Is State Farm right for you?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. I’m not entirely sure that’s true (I prefer my neighbors not there, even the good ones), but State Farm does a fantastic job of burrowing into your brain with their jingle. They’ve also done well in offering a variety of coverage options and an excellent app that allows you to do just about anything.

For me personally, the auto insurance quote I received on my vehicles was not as low when compared to my current provider, Progressive. Above all else, my reasoning for owning auto insurance comes down to cost and coverage. Whatever your needs in auto insurance, know State Farm is a high quality insurance carrier. Pull a quote, compare with the likes of Progressive, Nationwide, Geico and Allstate and select the policy that best suits your needs.

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