Have You Used the Progressive iPhone App?

It seems like just about every big company out there has developed an iPhone app. The problem is that so many of the apps are not very good. They are just not that useful. For this reason, the Progressive Insurance app caught my attention.

Currently, Progressive has over 12 million premiums, which makes it the third largest auto insurer behind State Farm and Allstate.  It also has an impressive website, and Progressive has taken its snazzy website and decided to pack some of its features into an application for use on the iPhone.  Some features are reserved for policyholders while others are open to everyone.

So I tested the app and laid out all the features below.  

Features for Policyholders

If you are already a Progressive Insurance customer, you can benefit more from the Progressive app than a non-policy holder.  Each Progressive customer has a Progressive.com account.  With this application, you can log into your account directly from your iPhone.  When you are logged in, you can check when your payment is due and easily make a payment, assuming you have already saved your billing information to your account.

Anyone who has snapped a picture using the iPhone’s camera is well aware of its capability.  The Progressive app takes advantage of that technology by allowing you to submit a claim and include photos taken on your iPhone.  This might prove useful if you return to your car after a particularly violent storm to find a tree branch has fallen on your windshield.  You can instantly snap a picture of your poor vehicle and submit a claim to Progressive.  An insurance agent will have to follow up with you via phone, but submitting a claim with the app will help speed the process along.

Sometimes when you get in an accident or need to file an insurance claim, you inevitably have to dig through crumpled paperwork stuffed into your glove compartment.  The Progressive iPhone app allows you to access all your insurance information, including your Insurance ID card and policy details, wherever you have your iPhone.  This can help ease a process that is never terribly enjoyable.

Finally, if you are a Progressive policy holder, you can use the app to locate a service center.  This combines the utility of your phone’s GPS with the capability of Progressive’s service center search.  Progressive also offers an option where it will take care of your entire claim including arranging and guaranteeing all repairs.

Features Available to Everyone

If you aren’t a Progressive customer, you likely won’t find its iPhone app to be extremely useful—unless you really like to watch Progressive TV commercials, which the app facilitates.  To be clear, the app does offer certain helpful tools.

For instance, you can find a local agent by entering your zip code.  The app will return the agent’s contact info, location, and availability.  In addition, you can use the app to request a car insurance quote. Unfortunately, if you want a quote for a motorcycle, boat, or car, you have to contact Progressive by phone.

The feature I found to be most convenient was the vehicle comparison tool.  Researching vehicles is somewhat of a strange hobby of mine.  The Progressive app allows you to compare vehicles based on safety information, vehicle recalls, crash test results, and the cost to insure the respective vehicles.

In summary, I would say the Progressive app provides a nice convenience for Progressive policy holders, but is largely unnecessary for non-policy holders.  In addition, filing a claim still ultimately requires you to talk to an insurance agent.  Although this review focuses on the app for the iPhone, Progressive also offers a similar app for the Android phone.

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  1. gc141x

    Is there any reason to believe that the information Progressive collects via this app has could adversely affect creditworthiness and insurability or impact privacy? Is information collected only at claim time or renewal time or continuously? Thanks

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