Leafully–A Cool Way to Track Your Energy Usage

The Department of Energy recently announced the winners of its “Apps for Energy” competition. Contestants can submit mobile and web applications that help consumer better managing their utility usage with the help of “Green Button” data (more about that in a minute).

Leafully Energy Source DiagramThe winner was a pretty cool web app called Leafully. In theory, Leafully helps you monitor your energy consumption. I say in theory because the biggest hurdle is getting access to your energy consumption data. And that’s where Green Button data comes into play.

Green Button data is an industry-led initiative designed to give consumers access to their energy consumption data. The number of utilities making this data available has grown significantly, but it’s still only available to about 31 million people.

Leafully is a web app that allows you to easily import your Green Button data (if your utility gives you access to it), and then view the data from a number of different angles. In my case, the utilities in our area have not yet made this data available, but they are working on it.

If you fall into the same category, Leafully offers sample Green Button data you can use to get an idea of average energy consumption. And it’s eye-opening:

Leafully Overview

Leafully comes with some other handy tools. For example, it has a calculator that shows your the impact on our environment of your energy use, and then compares it to the use of renewable energy sources. It also provides a few ways to save money by taking a few simple energy saving steps.

And this got me to thinking about articles I’ve written in the past on ways to save energy (and money):

If you want to see all the apps in the Apps for Energy contest, you can check them out here (and vote for your favorite).

And if you really want to save some dough, check out my 99 Painless Ways to Save ebook.

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