Side Hustle Comic Strip [Infographic]

Welcome to our week-long series on How to Earn Extra Income from a Side Hustle. Today we have a guest post and a comic strip infographic I know you’ll enjoy.

Want to earn more money? Of course you do—that’s a silly question. Whether you’re earning $0 or $200,000, everyone could always use a little extra cash flow, especially during this somewhat sticky time in our economy.

Aside from having some extra earnings to help you out with bills and the day-to-days of life, it is also important to have some money set aside for an emergency. In this economy, many people can’t afford to have an emergency fund at all, while experts recommend that you have one of at least $1,000—if not $3,000-$6,000.

Perhaps you’re working a full-time job right now and still struggling to just make ends meet, let alone start saving for emergencies. How can you earn a little extra income? Pick up a “side hustle.”

Use this graphic as your guide to 10 relatively simple side hustle ideas. Of course, feel free to use your imagination.

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Side Hustle Infographic


So even if you’re strapped for time, you don’t have to be strapped for cash!

What’s your “side hustle?”

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  1. While being a formally trained pro in CS, I have a hard time making ends meet. I have a regular job as well as my wife does but without freelancing I cannot afford my loan…
    I try to do the best I can delivering even better code than in my regular job.
    After all the only asset I have as a freelancer is my name and knowledge..

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