Make Money on Your Summer Road Trip with Roadie

Want an easy way to earn extra cash? If you have the drive, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Here’s how you can make money on your summer road trip with Roadie.

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Do your summer plans involve a road trip, whether you’re driving back home or across the country? Well, thanks to new companies like Roadie, you can turn your adventures on the road into cash.

Let’s take a look at this new on-demand service, how it could transform your commute or next cross-country adventure, and how much you can expect to make.

What is Roadie?

We live in the era of Uber, Postmates, Turo, and AirBnb. With these, everyday people can turn their free time into a lucrative side gig and provide peer-to-peer services that rival entire industries. Roadie is no different, and seeks to make transporting items (such as furniture, groceries, or even pets!) easier than ever.

This “social driving” delivery platform turns commuters, parents, and college kids alike into cash-earning drivers. You can utilize the empty space in your vehicle–whether it’s a single passenger seat, a trunk, or even the entire bed of a truck–to help Roadie shippers move their special items where they need to go.

All you need to do is sign up to be a driver through their easy-to-use website. You can plot your upcoming trip details or just enter your local area, in order to be linked up with customers who need their important items moved. Depending on the amount of space you list as available (shoebox, backseat, or truck bed), you will be matched with posted gigs.

Then, you can simply set your availability and begin signing up for jobs. You’ll be able to pick and choose the jobs you want, when they work for your schedule, right through the app. You’ll know right away how much the gig will pay and the details of the delivery, so you can pick the jobs that are perfect for you and your plans.

Who Can Drive?

If you have a vehicle and have any sort of travel planned, you can drive for Roadie. Whether your daily commute takes you into the neighboring town/state or you’re driving cross-country over the summer, you can use your road time to earn cash as you go.

Roadie is perfect for those summer road trips, in particular. If you have stops planned in multiple states and have a little bit of extra time (for making deliveries), you could ideally fund your entire trip with the cash earned through the app. Considering that people can ship items as small as a shoebox or as big as a bed, you can utilize every inch of available space to help others move their special packages. And, of course, you’ll earn a nice chunk of change in the process.

There are no vehicle requirements through Roadie, either. For those side hustlers who have considered (or driven for) Uber and/or Lyft, this may be a sigh of relief. It also means that soccer moms, truck drivers, and everyone in between can use Roadie to earn money.

What Ships Through Roadie?

The great thing about Roadie is that people can ship almost anything. As a driver, this means that there is no shortage of potential gigs to pick up, no matter where your travels take you. It also offers you flexibility, whether you have an empty backseat or just have enough room to transport something in a small box.

Companies use Roadie to make order deliveries faster, easier, and more affordable for their clients (hello, frequent local gigs!). Shipping customers can send any number of items that they don’t want to send through conventional shipping services, whether due to price or security.

For instance, if you wanted to send an heirloom piece of furniture to your sister in Ohio, you might not want to send it via a typical shipping company (lest it meet a fate similar to the computer in this viral video). That’s where Roadie would come into play–it may take a little longer, just due to the driver’s logistics, but you’d have a better chance of getting it there safely, and for less. Roadie is also great if owners need to send pets and don’t want to worry about their safety in an airplane cargo hold.

While there are certainly some restrictions (such as illegal items), almost anything can be sent via Roadie drivers.

Get Paid To Deliver Packages

How Much Can You Make?

As with all other peer-to-peer business models, the amount you can earn is contingent on you. But whether you’re looking to pick up a couple in-town jobs each week or want to turn your next roadtrip into a glorified courier service, you can make it happen with Roadie.

The specific amount earned will depend on the item itself (such as its size and whether it requires special care, like a pet) and how far it needs to go. Luckily, you’ll be able to see the exact price for the gig before you ever sign up, right in the app itself.

Earn Extra Money Deliver Jobs - roadie

According to Roadie’s website, drivers earn up to $50 per local gig and as much as $650 for long-haul deliveries. If you are simply filling space that would otherwise be empty in your vehicle, this could be one incredibly lucrative side gig.

Signing Up

In order to drive for Roadie, you’ll need to set up a driver’s account. This process involves providing quite a bit of personal information, so that the company can run a background check and also establish a link with your bank account for payments.

You’ll need to have your basic information on-hand–such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, and vehicle info–in addition to your SSN and bank routing/account numbers. Roadie will make two small deposits into your account to verify that it’s yours, as well as run a background check for customers’ protection, and you’ll be on your way.

Then, simply browse available gigs, pick the ones that match your trip or your usual route, and get to earning!

Roadie is still picking up speed (no pun intended) and growing every day. If you’re planning a summer road trip this year, though, you’re likely to find at least one gig that works for your route. You can utilize the empty space in your car and earn gas or hotel money at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

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