How to Earn Money with Side Hustles [A Case Study with J. Money]

This is the twenty-seventh day in our 31-Day Money Challenge. Over 31 days we’ll publish 31 podcasts, each designed to help you move closer to financial freedom. Yesterday we talked about term life insurance with CFP, Jeff Rose. In today’s podcast, I interview J. Money of about ways he’s made money with side hustles.

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Topics Covered

In this podcast, J$ describes how he went from a 9 to 5 job to earning a full time income online. He talks about his various online projects, including his successes and failures. He also describes his current projects and gives us an idea of how much money he’s making.

He describes how he got started blogging and how he came up with crazy name for his blog, Budgets are Sexy. Hint: Justin Timberlake was his inspiration. Today, he’s moved beyond Timberlake and is now described as the Miley Cyrus of personal finance.

He also talks about his own personal finances. He reports his net worth on his blog. He describes how he handles sharing this information online and whether his friends and family know about all his finances.

We’ll hear how he went from the 9 to 5 to a full time blogger. He discusses the fears he had when making the transition, but how it worked out well in the end. J. Money talks about his current projects and how he markets his sites to get traffic.

Finally, we talk personal finance. J$ describes his investment philosophy and how he decided where to stash his retirement nest egg.


Here are the resources mentioned in the podcast:

J. also mentioned two of his favorite personal finance books. Unfortunately something went wrong with this part of the audio file, but here are his picks:

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7 Responses to “How to Earn Money with Side Hustles [A Case Study with J. Money]”

  1. Ursula


    I recently discovered your podcast and am going through them and learning so much. This episode with J.Money was so fun and informative – really helpful, great real life story, and advice. While talking about his personal finance, he mentioned that he already maxed out his SEP & traditional (or was it Roth) IRA.

    Which leads me to my 2 questions:

    #1. What’s the deadline for maxing out the 401k – is it 12/31, or 4/15 (as the IRAs are)?

    #2. In addition to having a job, I also have my own small biz – registered as a DBA (it’s just me in my company), would I qualify for the SEP IRA, and can I have that in addition to my Roth IRA, and would I be able to max out both of them – separately, or all IRAs have that combined maximum (as IRA & Roth IRAs are for the total of $5.5k contribution/yr)?

    Thank you and looking forward to more learning from you!

    • Rob Berger
      Rob Berger

      Ursula, thanks for the note and I’m glad you are enjoying the podcast. J Money is a riot! The deadline for 401k contributions is the calendar year. You don’t have until 4/15 like with IRAs. You can have a SEP IRA. There is an overall limit for retirement account contributions. In 2014, I believe it’s $52,000.

      • Ursula

        Thank you for your reply! I haven’t thought about the SEP IRA until it was mentioned here, and now will look into it.

        I’m learning so much from listening to your podcast, and really appreciate all the time and research you put into it, as well as the easy to understand explanations of some complex concepts.

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