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Karen over at MSN’s Smart Spending Blog sent over some details of a contest MSN is running. Actually, it’s two contests in one. They are looking for the best web application to help folks through the current economic crisis and a second app to help people go lean and “green.” The contest is called Will Code for Green, and it is sponsored by LIve Search and Seattle Gnomedex.

First prize in each category is $10,000, and $3,000 each for three overall runners-up in each category. Here are the details:

From June 1 through Aug. 12, people will be able to submit URLs for their entries at the contest Web site (click here). These Web-based applications must use the Live Search APIs (application programming interfaces), which are free, but can also use any other technology platform or programming language in order to accomplish their ultimate purpose:

* To help people deal with the worsening global economy (economy category).

* To help people improve the ecology of Earth (ecology category).

You can vote for your favorite Web applications at the contest Web site until Aug 12. Customer appeal is one of the key factors that will determine which five finalists go on to have their entries judged at the Gnomedex tech conference. The finalists will be chosen by a panel of Microsoft judges on or shortly before Aug. 19.

In the final round at Gnomedex, Aug. 20-22, conference participants will play with the applications and determine the winners in each category.

You can check out the Official Rules, and good luck.

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