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Properly managing your money is just as important now as it’s ever been and the number of money managing sites continues to grow each day.  

Quizzle.com, a website designed to help consumers value their homes, better manage their budgets and offer a free credit report and score twice a year has been around for a couple of years now and doesn’t get nearly enough praise for the tools available to consumers.   Considering all of the available options in monitoring your credit and managing your finances, Quizzle has done a fantastic job in separating itself from the competition.  So what makes Quizzle so awesome?

Free Credit Score and Report

Finding a free credit report and score outside of AnnualCreditReport.com is a rare thing these days.  Sites like FreeCreditReport.com, TrueCredit.com and CreditReport.com offer subscribers the ability to view their credit report and score if they sign-up for a free trial. But if you fail to cancel inside of the free-trial period, your credit card is going to be charged.  Quizzle doesn’t ask for a credit card or any kind of payment information. And believe it or not, they don’t even ask for your social security number!  After filing out a few standard personal questions (Address, Phone Number, etc.), then confirming your identity, your credit report and score from Experian is ready for review.

Quizzle Credit Score

In addition to the credit report and score, Quizzle provides a credit grade and the ability to help you improve your credit score.  Offering credit reports and scores for free doesn’t help company revenue much, so one of the paid services that Quizzle provides is having a professional recommend certain steps to help you raise your credit score.  You don’t have to use this service to access your credit information, but available if you need it.

Money Center

Another excellent feature that Quizzle provides lies within its money center, where users can evaluate their financial responsibilities.  There are two main areas in which Quizzle can help you plan:

  1. Your Budget – Categories like insurance, daily living expenses, luxuries, utilities and more can be entered with a few simple clicks to give you a better idea of just how much you are spending each month.  Also provided is your debt to income ratio and your available cash on hand, to help you better manage your day-to-day expenses. Some of the information is automatically provided based on your credit report, which is pretty neat.
  2. Rainy Day Fund –  Not that it’s rocket science, but knowing what you have set aside in case of emergency is important.  Quizzle notes a proper rainy day fund as 4 months salary saved in your bank account, so the made up numbers below won’t quite cut it.  Again, Quizzle offers help in planning for a better rainy day fund, if you so desire.


Quizzle Money

Home Center

The third and most informative area of your Quizzle account is found under the “My Home” tab where you have access to:

  • Home Affordability Calculator: If you’re thinking about purchasing a home in the near future, Quizzle definitely has the tools to help you make the right decision.  Based on your current debt, income and credit report and the down-payment you are willing to provide, Quizzle can recommend how affordable a home is to you.
  • Mortgage Recommendations: Unsure on how a mortgage will impact your finances?  Quizzle reviews the time period of your possible mortgage as well as the interest rate and down payment to let you know just how much you will be “in” for.  If you currently own a home, you can leverage your current home value against your potential new mortgage.
  • Homes Sold in Your Area: There’s no better way to determine the value of your home by looking at what others around you have sold for.  With a simple Google maps application, you can see the purchase price of any home sold within your zip code.
  • Your Neighborhood: Based on the zip code you enter, you are giving a large amount of data pertaining to the demographics of your area.  Topics like race, ethnicity, crime and housing averages are some of the statistics that you’ll find in this section.

Here’s a snapshot of Quizzle’s Home Center:


Home Quizzle

Through its list of high quality partners, (Quicken, Cleveland Cavaliers, Fathead etc.) Quizzle.com is able to keep everything free for its users. Bottom line is that Quizzle has an extremely user-friendly interface and is the only site on this planet that provides a truly free credit score and report without having to submit your social security number.  The additional features of budget and mortgage help make them a one-stop shop to manage your finances, without having to worry about canceling any memberships, or being up-sold at every turn.  Being able to pull your credit report twice a year instead of once is a nice cherry on top.

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Article comments

Ann-Marie says:

Hi Michael! Thank you for taking the time to review Quizzle – We appreciate it! We have a lot of new features in store for 2010, so stay tuned. If you or your readers ever have any questions or feedback, give us a shout at feedback[at]quizzle[dot]com. Happy Quizzling!

Joel Nelson says:

Evening Mike,

I’m a quizzle user and I was going to post a self written article on my site about the benefit of becoming a quizzle subsriber. Would you mind if I posted your article instead. You said it perfectly.

[email protected]

Slip for rki says:

Im a big fan of Quizzle and are therefore thankful for this post.

Jesper Jensen says:

Credit score can be different in different countries.

oleg says:

In reality they show the credit score only when you create an account. All further updates are $11! It also impossible to remove the account.

Martin Jonassen says:

Hi Michael, Thanks for the review on Quizzle. It was very helpful to me.

Fred says:

The ‘credit score’ is a credit score dreamed up by Quizzle. It is NOT the Fair Issac credit score that counts in the real world. Why is Quizzle lying about this, and hiding this info?

JR says:

I really wanted to believe in Quizzle after reading all of the reviews and endorsements. I thought it could be a tool that my clients might be able to utilize. Sadly, my test was less than reassuring. I signed up and filled everything out, and received my ‘Experian’ score. I had a loan officer that I work closely with do me a favor and pull my credit just like I was a prospective home buyer. The reality was, that the ‘Experian’ score that he pulled…and the one that might potentially be used in applying for a mortgage…was *83* points higher than the ‘Experian’ score reported by Quizzle. Less than impressive.

Atkinson says:

Totally agree. Quizzle has no clue what they are doing. Score is actually 74 points higher than what they reported. Use Credit Karma if you want to see an accurate score.

John says:

Quizzle sucks. Sell you some sh*t you can do yourself. Credit score is way off. Retards.

Someone who does this for a living says:

The credit report they provide is poorly laid out and the “credit score” they provide is calculated using their own system – it is NOT the fairissac score that mortgage lenders care about.

Mike says:

Anyone using Quizzle should know that the “credit score” they give is NOT A REAL CREDIT SCORE. I just spent $$ to get my real credit reports after being unduly alarmed by Quizzle. I would avoid this site for deceptive practices

ken says:

they dont update your score my score is wrong now

sammy says:

Quizzle pulls your credit score using Experian reporting agency while other credit bureau’s may use a different reporting company. It is important to keep an eye on all possible reporting agency numbers because when applying for a loan and or mortgage etc., these companies tend to all pull from different agencies.

Jeremy says:

Quizzle is a dishonest scam. They give you an artificial Experian score to get you to sign up for their credit improvement plan for more money. How far off..well my Experian score was too low by 131 points vs. a valid Experian score. I got nervous and before I called my wife to let her know we have a credit problem I did some research, and so should you. I almost hit submit on my credit improvement plan through Quizzle. Glad I didn’t. Don’t sign up.

EPA says:

Quizzle is a nightmare. I subscribed first to look at what it could do. It seemed promising, so I decided to pay for it. It turns out that the payment they were advertising was only for one or two features. If I wanted more, I had to pay more than the $7. Then I decided I didn’t want to be part of this scam, called and cancelled. They would refund me in 3-4 business days. Well, it’s been over 2 months and no refund AND they have continued billing me. Now trying to solve the issue with credit card. Nightmare!

Joe says:

I undertook a credit repair effort, and used Quizzle as a place to start.
That was my first mistake…while some “tips” are good( i.e. ‘pay your bills on time’)
*nothing* they have provided is anything I can’t get for free elsewhere, and nothing they have is worth $15 dollars a month.

I have removed my billing card info, emailed instruction to delete my account immediately, downgraded to the “free” account, and shortly will call my bank and get a new debit card to prevent any further stupidity from them.

Avoid the rush. Ditch Quizzle Today !

Elena says:

I am puzzled – you are saying they don’t ask for your SSN? That is not true, they DO reqest your SSN! Its on the first page you fill out when registering for their service.

Michael Howery says:

Quizzle is lousy they say I have account but said I didn,t aswer questions right on credit report so they can,t verify my identity but don,t give me a way to fix it.I have no problem with credit karma or credit.com or credit sesame.Or the Equifax I pay for.It has been several months and they won,t do a thing to fix the problem

Edwin says:

Quizzle is a scam. Its a poor site designed only to do one thing. Constantly get you too pay for services.
Their service is not like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame which actually provide information thats relevant. Also, why pay for a score that is worthless. The score used by lenders is FICO and while others are used, the FICO score provides a better reflection of your credit score.

Also, Quizzle is given information by Equifax, this is the worst CRA and often neglects requests to report correctly, wont let you get a free report etc etc

Pat says:

Just got a free years offer from Quicken although the site does not mention a yearly fee after that & yes they do ask for my annual wages & SSN. Think I will pass.

Bruce says:

Quizzel sucks don’t listen to any of there recommendation ‘ s you will be denied flat out! There scoring is way off in left field! I’m dumber just for having used this site!

JJ says:

Quizzle changed their policy. In order to get your “free” report, you have to AGREE to be contacted by them. Further, it says, “Even if you are on the DO NOT CALL list.”

I vehemently disagree with this. I want to delete my Quizzle account but cannot find a way to do so other than to not use it.

2017 Randy says:

Quizzle is way overhyped. Still shows a debt paid off two months ago, they never contact me after repeated emails and calls. Done with them.