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It wasn’t until a few years ago that a consumer could obtain their credit score without entering their credit card information.  Most credit monitoring services would offer a “free trial”, ready to charge the day after the trial expires.  Now, anyone can obtain their  Experian credit score for free, without entering payment information by signing up for Credit Sesame.

Experian is one of the three major credit bureaus. Included in your free credit score with Credit Sesame is a credit profile which breaks down why you have the score you do.  No full credit report is included with this offer and the folks at Credit Sesame won’t try to sell you one, so if you need your once a year free copy, visit (which is what they recommend too).

Credit Sesame Landing & Tools

Credit Sesame is still fairly new, so the design and tools of the site are not as advanced or developed as Credit Karma or Quizzle (you can check out these options in our review of How To Get Your Credit Score without a Credit Card).  But that’s also a good thing because the amount of advertising you see is minimal.  If you stay focused on your credit score and avoid the up-sells, you’ll never pay a penny for knowing your credit score.

Opening up a Credit Sesame account provides you access to a few different areas to the site.  Each one requires a little bit of information about your financial status, which then leads to a set of goals or recommendations from Credit Sesame.

  • Overview – The screenshot above shows you what the overview tab looks like.  It contains your Experian credit score, revolving monthly debt and your home value if you’ve got one.  The debt amount is pulled straight from your Experian credit report, but if the information is incorrect, you can edit the amounts.
  • My Finances – An overview of your credit score can be found here; details about why you have a good or bad credit score and what you can do to improve it.  A chart is kept here of your credit score (since you opened your account with Credit Sesame) as well as a chart of your credit usage.
  • My Goals – After you enter your goals, Credit Sesame will provide a bunch of recommendations on how to make them happen.  The main focus of this section is to pay down your debt, secure a home loan and manage your current credit card balances.
  • Advice – If you’re looking for a few other products to improve your credit score, this is where you’ll find them.  Even though Credit Sesame provides advice throughout the site, the central hub is under this heading and unless you fill out the forms located in the other three sections, this will be blank … so get started.

I never knew just how important my credit score was until I needed it.  By then, I had already tanked my credit history. When I applied for my first credit card out of college, I learned my credit score was 414.  For the last two years, I check my credit score at least once a week because one day, I hope to own a house and a 400 credit score is not going to get it done.

Knowing your credit score is important for a variety of reasons, but the most important of which is just how much money it can save you.  Americans with an excellent credit score pay thousands of dollars less on their mortgage and credit cards every year when compared to those with poor credit. When you add the savings up over the course of a lifetime, it’s massive.  Sign-up for Credit Sesame now and start monitoring your credit … for free.

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