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Building credit doesn't need to be a full time job. Help is on the way, with Credit Pros.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your credit, you may want some additional help and support. While you can certainly do many credit-improving tasks, like paying down credit cards, disputing incorrect information, and getting your debt reduced, on your own, sometimes this feels overwhelming. That’s where companies like The Credit Pros come in.

This company, which was founded by a credit expert more than a decade ago, charges a flat monthly fee to help individuals monitor, protect, and improve their credit. Read on to learn more about this company and its services.

What are The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros is a credit repair company with a unique suite of services designed to not only help individuals repair their credit, but also to get their financial lives back in order. The Credit Pros provides some standard credit repair services for those with low credit. But it also includes some unique offerings that can be helpful even for those with good or increasing credit.

Credit Pros Services

The Credit Pros offers a variety of services, which are packaged in a couple of different ways that we’ll discuss below. Their offerings include:

CreditSentry Reports

These TransUnion credit reports are available to Credit Pros customers on a monthly basis, so you can see exactly what is happening with your credit and where you still need to approve. You’ll get not only your numerical score, but also your full credit report and alerts of things that could potentially be concerning on your report.


This technology helps The Credit Pros keep their services affordable but still ensures that they work well. The technology helps figure out the best ways for you to improve your credit score so that you can partner with The Credit Pros to improve your score. The artificial intelligence system drives the TCP Secret Sauce, a multi-channel dispute strategy that helps resolve issues on your credit report quickly and efficiently.

ID Cover

This identity monitoring service ensures that your identity is safe online and alerts you when it isn’t. If even monitors the dark web to ensure your personal information isn’t floating around where you don’t want to it be.

TCP Legal Network

The Credit Pros have a network of attorneys who specialize in credit and consumer-related issues, so you can get access to an attorney as soon as you need it.


This budgeting system, which is in beta at the moment, offers some great budgeting features to help you stay on track financially. These features include a bill reminder system and a budget tracking system that allows you to set and monitor budgets for various spending streams. It also syncs with your spending account in real time so you never lose track of your expenses.

Guaranteed Line of Credit

When you pay for The Credit Pros subscription, you can start rebuilding your credit with a guaranteed $1,500 merchandise card for Hutton Chase. This may not seem like much, but it’s a way to start using revolving credit wisely, which can increase your credit score quickly in some situations.

Video Training and Blog Portal

When you’re a member of The Credit Pros, you can access 10+ years’ worth of blog posts that include tips and tricks for financial management and credit improvement. And you can get access to a video portal that includes loads of videos on various financial topics. Plus, members can get access to exclusive informational webinars with industry experts on a variety of credit and personal finance topics.

Pricing of Credit Pros

The Credit Pros currently offers four different plans. The most basic Credit Sentry program, which includes Credit Sentry and ID Cover is $19 per month.

If you want to go beyond the basics of credit monitoring, though, you can choose from three plans:

  • Money Management: For $69 per month, this plan includes Credit Sentry, ID Cover, CashRules, and The Credit Pros standard services, including three-bureau credit restoration, snowball and avalanche debt systems, the TCP Legal Network, and debt validation letters to creditors. This plan also comes with the Hutton Chase line of credit.
  • Prosperity Package: This package runs $119 per month and includes everything listed above plus a membership with Slash RX, which could save you 80 percent of your medication costs.
  • Success Package: This package costs $149 a month and comes with the full suite of services and memberships available through The Credit Pros.

Applying for The Services

To get started with The Credit Pros, it helps to know your credit score. They help individuals with a score of 640 or below. But you have to meet certain other qualifications with your credit and income situation, so the best option for getting started is to schedule a free consultation with The Credit Pros.

You can go on their website to schedule an appointment in just a minute with some basic personal information. At this appointment, you’ll dive more into your credit and financial information with a representative, and then you can find out whether or not you’re a good fit for The Credit Pros and their services.

Credit Pros Security

Obviously, in order to work with The Credit Pros, you’ll need to give them access to a variety of sensitive personal information. They’ll collect information through their app or website, or when you talk with a representative personally. The Credit Pros says they may share some of your information with outside companies who may be able to offer you services, as well. The information you provide to The Credit Pros is protected by industry-standard SSL encryption.

Mobile Support and Accessibility

The Credit Pros is one of the only credit repair organizations that offers its customers access to a fully functional mobile app, which is available for Android and IOS. With the app, you can manage your interactions with The Credit Pros, see your credit report, and use their services like the CashRules budgeting system.

Customer Service

The Credit Pros has multiple options to get in touch with its customer service department, including phone, chat, and email. As a credit repair agency, they tailor their services to meet your specific credit-related needs. And they have pretty good reviews on online review sites when it comes to their customer service.

Pros and Cons of Credit Pros


  • 90-Day Guarantee: The Credit Pros wisely doesn’t make any promises about how quickly or how much your credit score will improve. But they do offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you see absolutely no changes in your first three months of working with them.
  • Full Transparency: The Credit Pros will give you copies of every letter, file, document, and conversation they have on your behalf when they’re working to repair your credit. This is helpful because you can see how they’ve done things, but it also allows you to document everything in case a creditor tries to get you back on the hook in the future.
  • Wraparound Services: With its full suite of services, The Credit Pros can be a good place to look if you need services for multiple pieces of your financial life. They’re primarily about repairing your credit score. But they also help walk you through budgeting and other issues that may have gotten you into a bad-credit situation in the first place.
  • Great Resources: Again, The Credit Pros isn’t just about pushing you to consolidate your debt or get creditors to lower your balances. It’s also about helping its customers change their financial habits and achieve freedom from debt, and it offers a host of excellent resources to meet that goal.


  • Potentially Expensive: The Credit Pros could get pricey if you pay for a premium membership for several months. However, since you know the cost up front, you can decide ahead of time whether or not it’s worth your money.

Credit Pros Alternatives

Many credit repair services are little more than scams to get you to consolidate your debt with a high-interest loan. But The Credit Pros actually does help people repair their credit over time in ways that make sense for their particular situations.

With that said, you can do most of what The Credit Pros offers on your own. It just takes more time and effort to get it done. So if you want to spend less time thinking about your credit or potentially see results more quickly, The Credit Pros could be a good option.

Who is Credit Pros For?

The Credit Pros only works with those who have a credit score of 640 or lower, so if you’re not in that category, they’re not for you. But if you do have a low credit score and a source of regular income, you could consider Credit Pros. They can help you get your credit on track and your financial life in order for a set monthly fee you know about ahead of time.

Get started with repairing your credit with the Credit Pros

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