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Gas is unfortunately on the rise again. Perhaps the easiest way to save money at the pump is with a gas rewards credit card. But what if you don’t want or can’t get a credit card? Well believe it or not the answer might be with the Walmart MoneyCard(SM) MasterCard® Prepaid Card.

The Walmart card is one of the few prepaid cards to pay cash back. Here are the details:

  • 3% cash back at Walmart.com
  • 2% cash back at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations
  • 1% cash back at Walmart stores
  • Up to $75 in cash-back rewards per reward year

Additional Card Features

  • Use it for purchases everywhere Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit cards are accepted in the U.S.
  • Deposit checks with your smartphone camera
  • Write checks to pay rent and other bills requiring a paper check. Order personalized checks using the Walmart MoneyCard Mobile App. Fees and limits apply.
  • Pay bills with our FREE online bill pay service
  • Instantly send money for FREE to another participating card issued by Green Dot Bank, including the Walmart MoneyCard
  • No overdraft fees, ever
  • Your registered card is protected against unauthorized transactions
  • Some features available only on a personalized card

Walmart’s efforts to enter the retail banking market have been met with significant resistance. So Walmart partnered with Green Dot to issue the Walmart MoneyCard(SM) MasterCard® Prepaid Card. While the MoneyCard is not a free prepaid credit card, it does offer very low costs (more about that in a minute).

Direct Deposit Bonus

The Walmart MoneyCard(SM) MasterCard® Prepaid Card offers free direct deposit of a paycheck or government benefits check. The direct deposit works just like a traditional bank. You will receive an account number (separate from the number on the card) and a bank routing number. With these numbers, you can set up direct deposit. And with direct deposit, you get faster access to your money and avoid check cashing fees. And Wal-mart will pay a $10 bonus after you enroll in recurring direct deposit and use direct deposit to put more than $250 on the card.

Add Money at Walmart

One of the nice features of the MoneyCard is that you can load cash onto the card at Walmart. You can load cash onto the card at the register. You can cash a payroll or government benefits check at Wal-mart and load some or all of the cash on the card for free. And you can load cash on the Walmart MoneyCard(SM) MasterCard® Prepaid Card at a Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATM.


When it comes to any kind of banking, it’s critical to understanding the fees you may be charged. For the Walmart MoneyCard(SM) MasterCard® Prepaid Card, the fees are simple:

  • Direct Deposit: Free
  • Load Cash at Wal-Mart: $3
  • Monthly Fee: $5 (Your Monthly Charge will be waived when you have loaded $1,000 or more to your Card in the previous monthly period (excludes person-to-person transfers received using the Send Money feature.)
  • ATM Withdrawal: $2.50 (Withdraw cash without a fee at Walmart MoneyCenters and Customer Service Desks. Limits apply.)

You can check out more details and get the card here.

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Article comments

bobby brantley says:

hi! i’m bobby i am wanting a big flat screen tv , i don’t have the cash , i seen the credit card paper saying that i can finance a tv with a walmart credit but i don’t have a walmart credit card but i have a walmart money visa debit card , i was wondering if i could finance a tv useing my walmart visa money card , i also have a checking account and i have a debit master card from my bank . can you please tell me if i could use either of these to finance a tv at walmart ,i can pay paments on a tv but i don’t have the cash to pay in fuul on a tv , i would apreciate you letting me know , thank you very much and i always choose walmart first to do my shopping , thany you from bobby brantley

DR says:

Bobby, both the Walmart MoneyCaard and a debit master card require you to load money on the card before using it. You cannot finance a purchase with a prepaid card.

bhjcasbhj says:

Maybe you should just save the money and then buy it, instead of financing, i mean come on its not like you are financing a new car…………………

sandra T says:

contradictions listed above one area says at Wal-mart and load some or all of the cash on the card for free. then another area says under fees -Load Cash at Wal-Mart: $3 I was thinking this would be a good card till I saw the fees & for me Not sure why id do this when The bank is free but I guess for people who cant do a bank it would be great

jr says:

not so true my sis has same bank account and pays 15 bucks monthly maintenance fees!!!crazy

William DeLee says:

Why is it so complicated to find your balance, and previous purchases.I have been looking at every website there is and I still can’t find out anything, from anywhere.This is supposed to be sooo easy but yet I still can’t findout anything.

Rob Berger says:

William, you should be able to go here–https://www.walmartmoneycard.com/walmart/login–and log into your Walmart MoneyCard account. If you have not set up a username and password, you can do so at that web address, too.

Roodlyn says:

What is the maximum balance I can have on my walmart prepaid card for tax season ?

Chris says:

My job requires a voided blank check to enroll me into direct deposit. So how would I circumnavigate this issue?

Rob Berger says:

Chris, all they really need is the bank’s name, your account number, and the bank’s 9-digit routing number. Most prepaid cards, including the Walmart card, have a form that you can give your employer with all of this information. I’d get the form from Walmart and see if it satisfies your employer’s requirements.

Linda says:

How do I check transactions with my Walmart Mastercard?

Rob Berger says:

Linda, you can check all of your transactions online.

LG says:

Pros: convenient and you can get cash back at any walmart stores.

Cons: hurting my pocket every month because of maintenance fee ( $ 3.00 )

To avoid paying the loading card fee,just reload it at your budget,say $ 200.00 ,so that it will save your trip to walmart and avoid the reload fee.

Brittany says:

Is there a amount you can’t go over with direct deposit

Corey monroe says:

I have a card and when I went to use it the card blocked I called and was told there is nothing I can I have over 2500. On card

louanne says:

I have a bill that needs a voided blank check for them to take monthly payments out of my account..how would I go about this?

Rob Berger says:

Prepaid cards can give you the information you need without a voided check. All that is needed is the bank account number associated with the prepaid card (not the number on the card itself) and the routing number. Every prepaid card should have this and your creditor should accept it without the need for a voided check. Voided checks are often requested because they have the information on the face of the check, but it shouldn’t be required.

Gary Holt says:

When does the cash back rewards post. And why can I not see my reward balance on the app or the website when I am logged in?