A Dozen Ways Credit Cards Can Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

travel credit cardsThere are a lot of great things out there that come by the dozen. You can get a dozen eggs, a dozen roses, a dozen doughnuts, or even better, the bakers dozen that actually gives you 13. However, the best dozen of all is the dozen ways that travel credit cards will save you money on your next vacation.

The credit card companies are working hard to get your business in a competitive industry. They continue to offer great rewards programs that offer everything under the sun. Well, maybe not everything, but they sure do make having the right credit card a whole lot more interesting. So, if you are planning a vacation you may want to pay heed. Here are a dozen ways that travel credit cards can save you money on your next vacation:

  1. Citi PremierPass Elite offers a great travel bonus. If you want to take along that special someone, this card offers the free companion ticket. There are a number of credit cards offering a free companion ticket for signing up, or when you make a certain dollar amount of purchases using your card.
  2. If you are thinking about driving on your next vacation, then obviously you have not been by a gas pump lately. However, some gas cards, like the BP Visa Rewards Card, offer up to 5% rebates on gas purchases. If you want to drive, you want this deal.
  3. How about Emergency Roadside Assistance? This feature is offered on just about every Capitol One credit card, among others. Don’t leave home without it.
  4. Dining out. Most Bank of America cards offer some kind of dining discount. It may be in the form of a gift card or simply a discount on your bill. Every little bit helps, so if you tend to eat in restaurants while on vacation, consider a card with dining discounts or rewards.
  5. Car Rentals. Just about every rewards credit card will offer you some kind of car rental discount. The WorldPerks Signature Visa Card, for example, offers a 3-day car rental. That is hard to pass up.
  6. Vacation Rewards. Travel rewards cards often offer full packaged vacations when you redeem in your points or miles. The Miles From Discover Card offers a program like this. The requirements will vary from card to card. The type of vacation will depend on the card that you use.
  7. Do you like Cruising? Not on the strip downtown, but out on the ocean blue. Many different cards have begun offering this travel reward. Cards like the Blue Sky from American Express will allow you to exchange your points for a cruise or at least a sizable discount towards the cost of one.
  8. Cash Back. There are cards that offer cash back with a purchase. This is like putting money into a savings account that you don’t even have. All you have to do is let your cash back money build up until you want to go on vacation. Some like the Discover More Card give you a cash back gift card that is great for travelers.
  9. Lodging. The Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card offers reward points that will give you 2 to 5 free hotel nights. All you have to do is make your first purchase.
  10. Airline Miles. The price of flights just keeps going up. The WorldPerks Visa Cards offer points towards free flights with every purchase that you make. You want to look for cards with a new account bonus. Some air miles credit cards will offer you enough for a free flight after your first purchase.
  11. The Wonderful World of Disney. The kid in all of us wants to take a trip to Walt Disney World. The Disney Rewards Visa Card offers helps you save money on tickets to the theme park, airfare to get there and a place to stay as well. Go Mickey!
  12. Emergency Cash. The WorldPerks Visa Platinum Card will help you with cash if you happen to run into a problem. Just give them a ring and explain the problem and they will make the money available to you.

Debbie Dragon is a writer for CreditorWeb.com, where she writes about credit cards, rewards programs and general personal finance.

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