Citi Price Rewind – Credit Card Price Protection on Steroids

One of the hidden perks of credit cards is price protection. Offered by some of the major card issuers, you are guaranteed the lowest prices on purchases charged to your credit card. Find the item for less within a certain number of days, and your credit card company just may refund the difference. But there’s a catch.

You have to find the lower price. Wouldn’t it be great if your credit card company did all the leg work, searching the internet on your behalf for a better deal? Enter Citi Price Rewind.

Citi Price Rewind

How Citi Price Rewind Works

First, you need a Citi credit card. Price Rewind only applies if you make the entire purchase on a Citi card. My favorite Citi card is the Citi Double Cash. You get 1% cash back on every purchase + another 1% cash back when you pay for the purchase.

Price Rewind TrackingOnce you make a purchase on your Citi card, initiating the Price Rewind is very simple. Citi automatically tracks the prices on certain products for 30 days. You can monitoring the tracking online in your Citi account. When the tracking period is over, Citi will notify you as to whether you qualify for a refund.

What Qualifies for a Price Rewind

There are some limitations, as you would expect. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind:

  • The price drop must be at least $25
  • Cardmembers are limited to refunds up to $250 per item and up to $1,000 annually.
  • You must save your receipt because you’ll need it to claim a refund
  • Not all purchases are eligible for Citi’s Price Rewind. Examples of items not eligible include boats, motorized vehicles, items purchases for resale, and live plants or animals.

So this leaves us with two questions. First, have you ever used Citi’s Price Rewind? And second, will this feature make you more likely to use a Citi credit card for your next purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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