Chase Slate Review - 0% Intro APR for 15 Months and NO Balance Transfer Fee

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Chase has upped the ante if you are in the market for a 0% balance transfer card. Called Chase Slate, the card offers a broad range of benefits including a 0% APR introductory rate for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers. What sets the card apart, however, is that there is no balance transfer fee for balance transfers within the first 60 days of account opening. The card also has no annual fee, so this is as close to free money as you can get.

Intro APR


Card Bonus


Rewards Program


Added Perks


Annual Fee




  • 0% for 15 Months
  • No Fee Balance Transfer
  • Free FICO Score Access

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Update – This offer is now EXPIRED.

The Chase Slate offers a 0% introductory rate for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers.  If you have the excellent credit required to obtain this offer, you’ll find both 0% rates to be some of the best available.

The big attraction to this card is the balance transfer fee. If you initiate the balance transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account, there is no fee.

How Much Can You Save?

The no fee balance transfer offers a significant potential saving. As an example, let’s assume we have $10,000 in debt on another card at 15% interest. The result is approximately $125 a month in interest. The actual amount will depend on your monthly payments and any additional charges to the card.

By transferring this balance, you’ll avoid interest for 15 months. The potential savings is approximately $1,875.

Rates and Terms

As with most credit cards today, Chase uses a tiered pricing structure with this card. This means that the interest rate applied to the Chase Slate depends on the applicant’s credit history and credit score.

Other Card Perks

There are two other perks of this card worth mentioning. First, you get access to your monthly FICO® score. Chase not only show you your score, but explains the reasons behind your score. This can help consumers correct those factors hurting their score. You also get a summary of your credit report.

Second, there is no penalty APR. Your interest rate won’t go up because of a late payment.

Pros and Cons


  • No Fee Balance Transfer
  • 0% for 15 Months
  • Free FICO Score Access


  • No Rewards Program
  • No Up Front Bonus

Chase Blueprint

Blueprint is a feature introduced by Chase to help cardholders better manage their accounts. With Blueprint, you have four different options that may prove very helpful:

Full Pay

With Full Pay, you can select those categories of purchases that you will pay off in full each month. When you pay them off in full each month, you won’t be charged interest on those purchases, even if you have other balances on the card that are not part of Full Pay. Here is Chase’s description of Full Pay:

“FULL PAY is a feature that lets you avoid paying interest on everyday purchases. You can select the types of purchases you would like to pay off in full each month. Those purchases will be separated out for you and totaled on your monthly statement. As long as you make your BLUEPRINT Payment by your due date, you will not pay interest on those purchases.”

There is no charge for this service, and you can change or cancel your Full Pay categories any time. You can set up a maximum payment for Full Pay, with any overage going into your regular account. And if you can make a Full Pay payment in any given month, your account will still remain in good standing so long as you make the minimum payment due on time and comply with the other terms and conditions of the card. In short, Full Pay is a benefit for cardholders to better manage their money, but there is no obligation to use this Blueprint feature.


The Split feature of Blueprint allows you to set up payment plans for larger purchases. Here’s how Chase describes Split:

“SPLIT is a feature that lets you build a custom plan to pay off a large purchase. Simply decide how much you want to pay each month or how fast you want to pay it off. We do the math and set up the plan for you. The plan and your payment progress will appear clearly and separately on your statement.”

Split allows you to set up a payment plan based on a set monthly payment or based on the number of months to pay off the balance in full. And Chase has tools that will calculate this information for you online.  This is the only balance transfer credit card that offers this service.

Finish It

The Finish It feature is similar to Split It, but it covers the entire card balance. With Finish It, Chase Blueprint will help you devise a plan to pay off the entire balance on the credit card. According to Chase,

“FINISH IT is a feature that allows you to build a custom plan to pay down your card balance. Simply decide how much you want to pay each month or how fast you want to pay it off. We do the math and set up the plan for you. The plan and your payment progress will appear clearly and separately on your statement.”

Track It

All credit card purchases are automatically categorized. These categories include automotive, dining, drugstores, grocery stores, and so on. Chase puts this feature to good work with Track It. All of your purchases are separate into their respective categories that you can track online. Track It also lets you set a budget for each category. These budget amounts can be changed anytime, and are designed to help you better manage your money.

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Article comments
Katharine J. Crawford says:

I applied last week for a 0% interest rate balance transfer card, but not have heard anything. How do I find out the status of my application, please? thank you.

DR says:

Katharine, you need to contact the credit card company where you submitted your application. If you don’t have the number, it should be available on their website.

Jason says:

I have 2 other Chase Credit Cards when is it going to avaible to get blueprint on them Thank you Jason

DR says:

Jason, right now Chase’s primary cards all have blueprint: Freedom, Slate and Sapphire. I’m not sure if or when they will add other cards.

frank simeone says:

We are interested in your credit card offer. Can we reach you by telephone to apply for a card.

All the best.

Frank Simeone

DR says:

Frank, to apply you have to go to the official Chase application page.



Philippe says:

Be very careful with Chase Slate. They just took me for a ride. I applied for a Slate CC account, received the card and activated it. Got 0% or purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. This is in writing along with my Credit Limit.
Today, I tried to transfer a balance on-line and this option is not available to me. After calling Chase Customer Service, I learned that I can only transfer a balance if I receive an offer in writing from Chase (with checks in the envelope). Needless to say, I closed the account immediately. I hate being taken for a ride by a CC company with deceptive practices.

Manuel O Molina says:

Please email my application status.

DR says:

Manuel, you can call Chase directly to get the status of your application.

Rikki says:

What is the credit limit on the Chase Slate Credit Card?

DR says:

Rikki, the credit limit for the Chase Slate card depends on your credit score and credit history. You’ll find out exactly what your credit limit is after you apply for the card and are approved by Chase.

Chris says:

You will Not be notified of your limit after being approved….. I got my limit in my acc letter… However i have slim credit i was givin 2000 limit with 12.99 % after a 13month of a 0 apr……. Kudos to chase

Dan says:

After having my American Express Blue tell me there were no transfers available on my zero-balance, 30k limit card – I cancelled it and applied for a Blueprint with an attached, hefy balance transfer. The response was instant. If you have great credit, I highly recommend giving this one a try. Amex just lost a customer of nearly a decade.

DR says:

Dan, thanks for letting us know. American Express cards are great for many purposes, mainly travel rewards, but they have moved away from 0% balance transfer offers on most of their cards.

Joe says:

Well that sucks, it still has a balance transfer fee. I’m looking for a card with no balance transfer fee. I don’t even think this one has a cap (usually $50 – $75)

DR says:

Joe, all balance transfer offers today come with balance transfer fees, and none of them is capped. The days of no balance transfer fee offers or capped offers are long gone. In fact, those offers have been gone for more than a year. The absolutely best 0% balance transfer you’ll find today is 12 months with a 3% fee.

Skye says:

My thoughts on it were…. if the 3% is less than the interest you’d pay over the next 12 months, on another interest bearing card, you’re making out.

Chris says:

Is the Chase Slate card a Visa or Mastercard?

DR says:

Chris, I’m pretty sure it’s a Visa card. I’m curious if you see a difference between Visa and MasterCard.

P says:

I have not seen any place that accepts this card. Where can you use the card? Is it still a Mastercard or Visa?

DR says:

P, the Chase Slate is accepted everywhere that accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Dan says:

I am also confused where this card would be accepted. I can imagine that without a VISA or MasterCard logo, a merchant could refuse to take it. And I am seeing a trend where colleges across the country are excluding the use of VISA cards for paying tuition, but continue to accept MasterCard and AmEx, so universal credit card acceptance is not a given.

donald says:

my question is simple….How doe anyone find out which stores are excepting blueprint in thier local area?…. super markets etc….? can anybody let me know ?

DR says:

Donald, Blueprint is a feature that Chase offers on some of its cards to help you better manage your credit cards and finances. The Slate Card itself is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa/MasterCard. It’s confusing because Chase does not always put the Visa or MasterCard logo on its cards. It’s changing that on some of the cards. But I carry the Slate card, and I’ve never had trouble using it anywhere.

Skye says:

I just got my Slate Card….it has the VISA logo on it.

k says:

I would like to pay off my city bank master card$22,000.00 14% interest.
Just got this offer by CHASE blueprint slate visa card w/0% apr balance transfer until march,2012. transfer fee is 3%
Is this the best way?

DR says:

K, the Chase Slate Visa is a great card is probably the best bet today, because it is the only no fee balance transfer offer available.

R. smith says:

Please tell me how to STOP Checks from coming to our home. We will NEVER USE these blank checks and are afraid that they will be stolen. STOP SENDING THEM TO US.
Memphis TN

DR says:

If you call your credit card company, you can ask them to stop sending you these checks.

Paystub says:

Slate℠ from Chase sounds interesting with many great offers. I just hope all this is not just to attract the customers, it is actually true as well.

Paystub says:

Even I doubt about places where these cards might be accepted. All these offers are waste if it is not a VISA or a MasterCard.

DR says:

Slate is a Visa card.

Roller says:

@ Paystub

i coul have said that…

P. Patel says:

I just received my card in the mail. I called before applying for the card and asked how I could transfer student loans to this card. I was told I could use the balance transfer checks to write a check out to myself then pay off the card. Now the problem is I need the balance transfer checks and I can’t get them. I spent over 30 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor and once I finally got someone on the line they hung up on me within a minute of being connected. Customer service sucks and I am ready to close the account!! This was suppose to be easy but Chase customer service has made it very difficult. I do not want to close this account but feel like I have no other options.

DR says:

Transferring balances from anything but another credit card can be done, but is always tricky. My suggestion would be to call Chase again. It may be a headache, but so will canceling the card and applying for another one. You also should log in to your account, where you may be able to initiate the transfer online.

Best of luck!

Jimmy says:

I already applied for Slate Chase Credit Card, and they said that I will receive a letter by regular mail where they will tell my if my application was accepted or not, by 2 weeks later i don’t get anything, how can I find my application’s status?

DR says:

Jimmy, you’re best bet is to call Chase and ask about the status of your credit card application.

Bill J. says:

I would recommend to anyone considering a Chase card that they seriously reconsider. I’ve been a customer for 12+ years, never late on a single payment, never over my limit, with a 700+ credit score. After calling Chase to ask them to consider lowering my rate considering that I was a good customer, they quickly said ‘no’ and that they would in fact be lowering my credit limit from $22k to $2670, just $100 over my balance. What a great way to treat your good, loyal customers. And now, just a month later, they advised that they are closing my card at the end of the month. For absolutely no reason. I’ve been a great customer and this is how they respond? Never late, never over the limit, with a good credit score. Terrible service. I’ve researched the issue online and this is happening to thousands of other people that have been good and long-time customers. I would never, ever, ever recommend Chase or any of their services to anyone.

Paul P says:

The Chase Slate card can come in either Visa or MasterCard. I believe if you apply on your own from their website it is usually a Visa. If they pre-approve you it could be either Visa or MasterCard. I have had a Chase Platinum MasterCard since 2001 and I just was reissued a Slate MasterCard. I think the design is awful and I am thinking about closing the account because of it. If Chase want’s to be different, they should work on their customer service and interest rates instead of making veritcal credit cards with numbers and letters that look like a store card or worse, a counterfeit card. This one is getting sock drawered until they redesign it……seriously the ugliest credit card I have ever seen.

adeba says:

After extended personal experience with Chase and Blueprint, i warn you not to sign up for FULL PAY. You cannot change to another plan, like Finish It, if you want to set up larger-than-minimum payments. And YOU CANNOT GET OUT OF IT. The friendly directions they send you about “how to cancel” are exactly like the bullshit on the site: you can SUSPEND for a few months, that’s it, and you still can’t choose another option like “finish it,” which is the only true tool for going after debt aggressively.
It took 5 emails to Chase to get out of full-pay so that i could set my own auto payment amount at their site instead of using my bank. And no one EVER explained how to do it because there is no way for an enrollee to do so. Someone at Chase just DID it- no explanation, no nothin.

oh – and if you click to LOOK at a Blueprint plan. you are in it, period.
NO credit card company is there to help you do anything but make more money for them. This “plan” got cooked up in response to the new limitations on what cards can charge and how they are required to communicate. Everything they’ve done since they knew the law would pass has been about preserving the gross profits they had before regulation. Blueprint is offered on the cards like mine that used to be fixed rate (9-11%), then got moved to high variable rates. It’s a racket. You’re the ball.

E. Williammee says:


JILL says:

Where can I go to do a demo of of what my bill will look like on line ?

Quinton R Reams says:

I do not have an account of any kind with Chase nor do I want one. I have received a letter saying there are changes to my account and two days later I received checks that are chargeable to that account. If there is an account in my name, cancel it immediately. If I receive anymore letters from Chase that says anything other than the account has been canceled I will go to the attorney generals office and file a complaint.

Dee says:

I was automatically sent a slate card without signing up. When my card was supposed to expire in September, they never mailed me a card. So I called. They sent me the slate card. They said it was ‘AUTOMATIC’. But my husband has a Chase card that just expired in July, and he didn’t get an “automatic” slate card? What is this about?

mo-mo says:

after readind every comment here, be sure i will not apply for this card , no way.
i had a bad experience with amex blue card, just a week ago. they send me a e-mail, they reduced my credit line from $20,000 to $5,000 !
i have a 750 credit score. been with amex, 2 accounts, for 15 years, never late.
i called them many times, spoke to a bunch of idiots , and got all kind of stupid reasons, to why they reduced my credit. they use to kiss my ass all the time, when i had no balaces, always paying my balance in full. now, that i have a $4,000 balance they changed the tune. fuck them!!!!!!!

liz says:

I received an offer from Chase for 0% on transfers and purchases for 15 months plus NO transfer fees if you do a transfer in the 1st 30 days. With all my other cards, I did everything online and everything always goes smoothly. Even paying a 3-4% transfer fee saves a LOT of money you’d be paying on interest on your old balances. My interest rate after 15 months is only 10.99%. probably because of my high credit scores. So there are transfers from Chase with no fees. I haven’t checked if this Slate card will send you a “no hassle” (Capital One’s term) check, but sometimes you can get one online made out to you so you can put it in your checking account and pay of several bills of your choice, or pay things like student tuition. This is a great offer.

LVP says:

I recently got an offer in the mail which comes with 0% intro. APR on both purchases and balance transfers until 2013. I have a $2K balance on another credit card and thinking about transferring the balance to this card. Would this be a wise move?

Karla says:

Hi, I want to know how much is my credit limit in slate chase credit card?.thankss.

Rod Morris says:

The APR advantage was great- however the buyers protection they offer thru Enhancement Service benefits is a JOKE! Use your AMEX card to ensure you are protected on purchases.

Steve M says:

Sue is exactly correct. What is the value of paying off all of your groceries or gas purchases in full for each month? Unless they are charging a different interest rate for those purchases it makes no difference what charges you payment is going toward. I really couldnt understand the point of this program until Sue pointed it out in the above comments.

Robert Sharbaugh says:

Please send me a Directory of Services, cardmember services

Dan says:

I just checked my Equifax FICO for free at My score is 717. The main negative is that I have six inquiries dating back to May 2011, which at the end of May 2012 will be more than 12 months old and apparently will no longer show up in the “inquiries within the past 12 months category.” I have two 30-day lates, going back more than 5.5 years (at a time I moved and didn’t get the statements forwarded). My credit utilization rate is less than 30%. I have a Chase Freedom VISA that previously had a $10,000 balance, which I have paid off in full (on schedule, no lates). I would like to get this Slate card, to park some balances for 15 months, after which time I think I could pay the amount off. What I am wondering is: If I apply for the Slate card at this time,
what is the likelihood that I would get it, on the most favorable terms (zero transfer fee and 15-month zero-interest balance transfer period)? If I wait until late May to apply (at which time the six inquiries on my record will be more than 12 months old), is it not possible that the offer will have expired by then? Another option is that I could pay off all existing balances and have close to a 0% utilization rate, wait until
that is reported (30 days?) and then apply for the Slate card. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Rob Berger says:

Dan, while there is no guarantee, I think your chances are good. Your history with Chase Freedom had no issues. You have a good credit score. I wouldn’t think two 30-day late payments from more than 5 years ago would hurt you. Again, there’s no way to know until you apply, but it seems to me that you’ve got a good shot at the best terms.

Alex R says:

What is the preset limit on this card? I would like to do a balance transfer from a couple of other high interest credit cards, but need to know the transfer limit. Thanks,

Rob Berger says:

Alex, there is no preset limit with the Slate card. Your limit will be based on a number of factors, including your income, credit score, and credit history. As a result, you won’t know in advance whether the limit will cover all of your outstanding debt that you want to transfer.

Janius says:

How do you go about getting “cash” from this Chase card?? I need to buy a car used and it is a personal transaction? I can not find that info anywhere?


Rob Berger says:

Janius, you have a couple of options. You can go to a bank and get a cash advance. The problem is there are fees and interest rates are usually high. The second option is to have Chase send you checks. The key is to make sure that they don’t treat it as a cash advance. So I’d call Chase in inquire about this option. Best of luck.

Moe Pukulis says:

Just applied to Chase Slate after ready consumer reports November issue that called this the best 0 transfer fee deal, & I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I got back the message that this card/deal was no longer available. Do you have another offer that is close to this one?

Rob Berger says:

Moe, that’s odd because the card is still available. But you can check out our list of 0% balance transfer offers for other options.

Jacob Jones says:

Do not apply for this card if you are hoping to use the no fee balance transfer offer to pay off non-credit card debts. I was, shall we say, a bit misled into thinking I could do that. I applied for and was instantly approved for this card around September 24, 2012, and issued a $7500 credit limit. I received the card yesterday and called today to inquire about transferring a part of my student loans (federal direct loans, though I doubt it matters). They informed me (on the phone) that I would have to be issued an “access check,” which, by their policy would not be issued to accounts younger than 90 days. I then directly asked if there was any way to take advantage of the 60 day no BT fee offer for a non-credit card loan. The response was that it was not possible. So there you have it. I requested they close the account and not report the existence of the account to the credit bureaus since I did not use the card and I closed it within 90 days; they said they could do that.

Dr Smoke says:

Jacob, you just have to talk to the right person. I, too, got turned down to transfer a balance from a home equity line of credit that I have with a local bank. I had to call three times before somebody finally let it go through. Have patience…there’s always a weak link.

Miguel says:

I just got an instant approval with my balance transfer under further review. hmm… Hoping to have a good experience with Chase– this is my first relationship with them, bank, card, or otherwise. I hope I can say they are “great” after the first couple of months. I think it all depends on them approving my balance transfer without a ‘check’ being issued. After all, it is the digital age!

Miguel says:

I just got an instant approval with my balance transfer under further review. hmm… Hoping to have a good experience with Chase– this is my first relationship with them, bank, card, or otherwise. I hope I can say they are “great” after the first couple of months. I think it all depends on them approving my balance transfer without a ‘check’ being issued. After all, it is the digital age!

Casandra says:

There is no fee to a new cardholder with transferring balance…is this correct?

Rob Berger says:

Casandra, that’s correct, so long as you make the balance transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account.

Rob Berger says:


Abby says:

Hi Jacob! I’m interested in doing something similar with this card, but I want to do more research before I apply, and your post is disappointing! Just curious – when you called to inquire about receiving a transfer check, did you tell them what you were using it for, or did they ask, or did they imply that they needed to know before they would give you information? Thanks!

laura says:

Can you use this card to trasnfer other chase credit card balances? Or does it have to be a non-Chase credit card balance transfer?

Rob Berger says:

Laura, you can’t transfer a balance from one Chase card to another.

Paul Robsen says:

I just got the chase slate with the 15 month 0 apr. Do I have to have my balance paid in full by the time my intro apr expires. Meaning does it have deferred interest or do the interest start to accrue the day the intro apr expires?

Rob Berger says:

Paul, it’s not deferred interest, it’s no interest. So if you don’t pay it in full by the time the 0% expires, you start paying interest for the first time thereafter.

Kathy says:

Just noticed my new replacement card, (old expired). These new cards are horrible! The numbers are so tiny I can hardly read them, there is no white highlights or anything to help read the numbers and one of the numbers isn’t even raised it is barely visible at all!I think the very slight impression will wear out quickly. Whoever came up with how the names and numbers appear on the card made a bad decision! I just wanted to express my totally disappointment. Even my name is hard to read and some of the letters are also flat and barely visible!

Beka says:

I paid off a Citibank loan recently and started receiving offers from Chase Slate every week. I weighed opening another credit card and the outcome. I have a card with $2300 balance at 7.25%, so the offer to do a balance transfer for 16 months at 0% APR with no fees, and no annual fee, was too good to be true. I didn’t hesitate and accepted the offer. I was approved right over the phone! They gave me a $1500 limit. I had an American Express Gold Rewards card with a $175 annual fee. I called them to waive the fee, since I’ve had the card for over 20 years, but they said no – I’d have to apply for the Blue card. I was denied the new card, due to my fico score, and a few lates on the gold card. The next day, I called them and closed the Gold account. Oh well! I guess American Express lost another faithful customer. I hope to have a great experience with Slate and my plan is to be completely debt free by end of 2013! With less than $4k in total debt, I believe I can do it! 🙂

Rob Berger says:

Beka, thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you are well on your way to tackling your debt. Good luck.

Jamie says:

Chase Slate was the absolute worst company to deal with. I applied for an account and then when I realized because of restrictions on balance transfers that it wasn’t what I was looking for I called to close the account on the same day. A representative “closed” the account and confirmed that he did indeed close it for me, yet I received a card and a bunch of paperwork in the mail, so when I called back a week or two later it turned out the account was never closed, which also means a couple thousand dollars were transferred from that new credit line to another bank account since that transfer request was listed on my application. The other bank was able to transfer the money back into the account I will never use, but a payment was apparently due two days before the account was refunded (although the bill I received in the mail stated the bill’s due date was a week later from the date the representative advised of on the phone.. should have been 3 days from now)and I was charged a late fee. Although if the original representative would have simply closed the account as he said he did, none of this would have been a problem.

CKlike says:

I received my Chase slate card, activated it, went to use it and now there is a “hold” on it for “review” . What is this about? Will the hold be released so I can use it?

Rob Berger says:

I’ve not heard of that before. I’d suggest calling the number on the back of the card to see what’s going on.

jzach says:

can chase slate be used to transfer from cash advance account balances on other credit cards?

Rob Berger says:

Yes. The balance on the other cards can be the result of purchases, cash advances, or even a prior balance transfer. It doesn’t matter.

Charlie S. says:

Just applied for the Chase Slate Visa. I had had a Chase Amazon Rewards Card for sometime at 18.99%. I like the card and have had no issues at all. I liked the idea of 0% interest until next year and the 12.99% after that. I applied online and the acceptance was nearly immediate. Took no more than a minute and they gave me my Credit line as well ( $5500 ). I don’t like having a pile of credit cards, but canceling a card does no good for your credit as by doing so, you are giving up credit history and that hurts. I had paid off the Amazon Visa I had with Chase anyway. I have also paid off my Citi Diamond Preferred MasterCard, so a balance transfer is not needed. As for Balance transfers, I applied for an American Express Every Day card. No fee, 0% interest for 15 months, and then 12.99%. It came with a $4000 limit. I didn’t have much on either my MasterCard or Visa, so just used the Amex card and paid off the other two. I don’t have nuch on the Amex card either, so will pay that one off as well ( I also have an AMEX Gold, but don’t use it unless I travel ). I have only had one incident with my Chase Amazon Rewards Visa. I received a call one morning from Sears about a TV I had purchased. The thing was, I had not purchased a TV from Sears and was surprised. I told them I hadn’t purchased one and they voided the purchase. I then called Chase and told them and requested the account be closed. They did and sent me a new card. There was an issue with my Reward Points, but they got that straight in a timely manner and they were back in my account. Incidently, I had bought a Puppy and paid for it through the breeder’s PayPal account using that Visa. It had been hacked. Anyway, my experience with Chase has been positive to date.

Robert says:

In one week, I went into two different stores that wouldn’t accept MasterCard, so I had BankAmerica switch my card to a visa. Now, no problems. One of the stores was Dollar General, which now does take MC. But, I can see problems if Slate doesn’t have a Visa/Mc logo on it. Cashiers are minimum education people who usually don’t have the time/resources to resolve minor problems.

Julia says:

I currently carry a Chase Saphire card and I have a high balance that I’d like to transfer and pay off. Can I apply for the Chase Slate card to pay it off? I would be appling online. I have not received an invitation in the mail to apply to the Chase Slate. Can I do this or will I be turned down because it’s the same company and so I shouldn’t even bother and move on to look for different company? Thank you.

Rob Berger says:

Julia, you may qualify for the card, but you won’t be able to transfer the balance from one Chase card to another. You’d have to use a different issuer. Citi has 0% for 21 months, which currently is the longest. But there is a 3% balance transfer fee.

Matt Jones says:


Sorry to keep bring up an old article, and I’ll apologize upfront that I haven’t read all of the comments. I applied for this card and was approved but what totally got me and ‘what’s the catch’ moment was when I realized that they would only approve me for X amount and the amount is way less than my actually credit card debt I wanted to transfer over. I immediately cancelled and am sat here a bit frustrated that none of that information was talked about. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks much,


Rob Berger says:

Matt, it’s a common issue with all balance transfer cards. You never know in advance how much credit you’ll get. When I was paying off credit card debt, I applied for cards one at a time until I had my debt covered. But it was common to have multiple 0% balance transfer cards at the same time.

Roland says:

Back to a the convenience check questions. I talked to chase and first they said that I should be receiving them (which I don’t) and later they said that they are not sent to every card holder. We have outstanding credit history. Is there a way to get those checks. Chase says that they don’t send them if requested, but they don’t tell us what system they have in place to get them.

Pitta Lopez says:

How about an Amex Platinum? It is a charge card, not a credit card will those balances transfer if qualified as well?

Rob Berger says:

You should be able to transfer a balance from Amex Platinum to Chase Slate.

Lisa says:

Do you know for sure about this Chase Slate credit card and the policies? It seems too good to be true. Here is my story. Last year, I had a large balance to transfer. I got an offer for this credit card – 0% on balance transfers with no transfer fees plus 0% on purchases – both for 15 months. So I transferred my balance and I like to auto pay my credit cards, otherwise I will forget to pay them, and the only thing I could find that was like auto pay was Blue Print. So I set that up and it auto pays each month. Since then, I made some purchases. Well it’s been almost 15 months so I just called to find out what was the actual date I needed to pay off this balance so I am not charged interest and they told me that I have 2 balances. One balance for purchases which needs to be paid off by 6/15/16 to avoid interest charges and the other balance is my initial transfer balance and since I set up Blue Print, I will not be charged interest while I am paying it off and that won’t be until 2018. That seems to be too good to be true. It does say that the expiration date of the 0% is the same as the purchases balance of 6/15/15. So on the phone with Chase, I asked them over and over again and he kept telling me that since I am set up for Blue Print, that initial transfer balance stays at 0% until it is paid off by 2018 as long as I leave the Blue Print payment as is. Can that really be true? He assured me over and over again and I even told him it says it expires in June, so what happens if in July I am being charged interest? And he never answered me directly – he just said as long as I let the Blue Print payment go through, then make a separate payment for the total balance of the purchases, that I will never be charged interest. I just can’t believe it. Do you know for sure? Does anyone have experience with this situation?

Rob Berger says:

Lisa, I would be skeptical too. One option is to log into your account and send a message to Chase seeking confirmation. Then you’ll have it in writing.

Rhonda says:

I would like to help our daughter get out of credit card debt. Am I able to transfer her credit card balances if I open up a new account. My credit card score is over 800

Stephanie Colestock says:

Yes, you would be able to transfer her balances to your card. Typically, credit card companies don’t care whose name the original debt is in, as long as it exists to be transferred and you then pay it off moving forward.


Avery Pissigal says:

I did two rounds of purchases on a Chase Slate Card, both for dental work. Had the first one done, paid it off completely, ditto with the second. In prepping for the third round of work, my first act was to call Chase and ask if I needed to close my card and open a new one (or look elsewhere), or if I could make another purchase with the 0% APR of before. I was told ‘yes’, and the girl put a spend notice on the account for the next week. When I get the bill they have, of course, accessed me a $32 late fee, and their explanation for said is that my 0% APR expired on December 5th. I called on November 11th, not even a month prior, and a December 5th deadline was _never_mentioned_ despite the fact that was the direct subject of my question. I went through the song and dance of ‘disputing’ it (with absolutely no belief that it would amount to anything– I used to work for a credit card company, and we all know we live in the era of ‘too big to fail’). Unsurprisingly, the decision came back with the caveat that I did not specifically mention the APR in my question. First of all, I don’t believe that since, in order to express my query (can I still use this card as I have been), mentioning the APR was essential. Second of all, even if I didn’t, a responsible answer to my question would have involved something along the lines of “Well, Ma’am, this card has been open since XXXX, and the 0% APR will expire on December 5th.” I hear that ad nauseam now, but they neglected to mention it when I was the one trying to be contentious. After three levels of escalation, they still refuse to remove the finance charge, despite the fact I’ve paid off the card in full (sans illegitimate finance charge). Aside from being outright deceptive, their customer service reps couldn’t even off me an empty “I’m sorry, Ma’am.” I’ve been a Chase customer since I was sixteen, paying my regular card off in full every month. In other words, I’m the kind of meticulous customer credit card companies hate. They got me this time, so let me be a warning. Do not rely on them for any transparency. Asking direct questions will only result in lies– either directly, or by omission. If you for some reason feel the need to go with Chase (I understand Discover has a nice equivalent, and several of my friends have had zero problems with it), be VERY assiduous. Certainly don’t expect any level of customer service from them.
Deceptive, prevaricating, unprofessional, ill-trained, and predatory. Bravo.

Chris says:

Thanks for the site and podcasts on YouTube.

I have a Chase Slate card from a Bal x-fer I did a couple years ago. If I was to give any advice on this, only transfer what you know without a doubt will be painless to pay off. For example, I used one of the checks they sent me in the mail to put $2,500 in my savings account. My wife asked if we should maybe put in more – “just in case” – but $2,500 is an amount I’ll comfortably pay back in 8-10 months, whereas $4,000 or more might add discomfort to my budget.