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Call of Duty Black OpsLast week we purchased programmable thermostats for our home using American Express Rewards Points on This week I thought I’d use the points for something a little more fun. Both of our children have asked for two xBox games – Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo Reach. So we logged into ShopAmex to see if they offered these games. And we were not disappointed.

As it turns out, ShopAmex not only offers both games, but they offer them from multiple retailers. For example, here’s a screenshot of just some of the stores you can buy Call of Duty Black Ops form through Shop Amex:

Call of Duty Black Ops from ShopAmex

As you can see, ShopAmex has teamed up with some well-known retailers. The price that each merchant offers determines how many American Express Rewards Points it will cost. I’ve also found that the shipping options vary from one merchant to the next. Some offer overnight shipping (for a price, of course), while others do not.

An additional feature that American Express offers is paying with partial points. For example, Call of Duty Black Ops costs about 10,000 points. But what happens if you only have say 5,000 points? Amex allows you to pay with the 5,000 points, and make up the difference by charging it to your American Express charge card.

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  1. This is the way to shop! With a list a different prices makes it easier for us online shoppers.
    Im adding this comment (like you mentioned) aswell for the $100 g/c giveaway!
    Im a Creative Gifter =D

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  2. Found this game to be a little too exspensive even while using ShopAmex, but if I had no choice but to buy now I definately would shop through the site. Game is contagious.
    Entered your contest- Im an over gifter

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