AccountNow Prepaid Cards

AccountNow prepaid cards work like a debit card or ATM card. Cardholders can easily add money to the card in several ways and then use the card virtually everywhere. The card features online bill pay, enabling you to quickly and easily pay bills over the Internet.

How the AccountNow Prepaid Cards Work

Money can be added to an AccountNow prepaid card in several ways. The easiest, most convenient, and least expensive way to add funds is through direct deposit. Your employer can have your paycheck transferred directly to your AccountNow card. You get access to your funds on payday, avoid the inconvenience and cost of check cashing stores, and don’t have to worry about carrying around a lot of cash. And because prepaid cards can be used at ATMs, you can get access to the cash immediately.

You can also add money to an AccountNow card at many local stores, including Walmart, CVS, Kroger, UPS, and more. These stores use cash networks such as Money Gram and Green Dot, which enable them to transfer cash to prepaid cards.

You can use the AccountNow prepaid card to buy products online, get gas, pay for rental cars, hotel stays or airline tickets, or buy stuff everywhere Debit Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Prepaid cards are more convenient than carrying cash and safer too with Visa’s Zero Liability or the MasterCard Zero Liability (check the AccountNow website for details) coverage that protects you from unauthorized purchases.

Like an ATM card, you can withdraw funds from your card at more than 1 million ATM locations. And like a bank debit card, you can avoid ATM fees by getting cash back at your local grocery store.

How to Apply for an AccountNow Prepaid Card

To apply for an AccountNow Prepaid Visa or MasterCard, simply visit the AccountNow website and complete a simple online application. Because these are prepaid cards, there is no credit check or Chexsystems review. Approval is guaranteed. And unlike secured credit cards, no deposit is required.

With direct deposit, there are no upfront fees and no monthly fee. At that price, AccountNow cards cost less than most banks, particularly when bank penalty and “convenience” fees are considered.

AccountNow® Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

AccountNow® Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

Apply Now
  • Get Paid up to 2 days Faster with Free Direct Deposit ▼ - Get Your Paycheck or Benefits Checks in Your Card Account and Access Your Funds up to 2 days Earlier Than Payday.
  • No CreditCheck to Get a Card. No ChexSystems Check. No Existing Bank Account Required.
  • $0 Activation fee†. No Minimum Balance. No risk of Overdraft fees.
  • $15 Bonus§ with qualifying Direct Deposit. Never pay to cash your paychecks and get your pay faster.
  • Use it Everywhere Visa Debit Cards are Accepted and Pay Anyone with PayAnyone Bill Pay. Shop Online, Rent a Car, Pay Your Rent and More.
  • Easy Mobile Account Access and Text Alerts. Get Your Account Balance, Transaction Details Sent to Your Phone within Seconds

AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

Apply Now
  • $0 Monthly Fee Pay As You Go Plan (See Cardholder Agreement on site)
  • No Credit Check or ChexSystems check
  • Instant Account Number
  • Free† Direct Deposit — Paycheck, Benefit Checks, Tax Refund Checks
  • Easy 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Earn Refer-a-Friend Cash Bonus
  • Use it Everywhere Mastercard Debit Card Accepted

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card

Apply Now
  • $0 Monthly Fee Pay As You Go Plan (See Cardholder Agreement on site)
  • No Credit Check. No Overdraft Fees, ever.
  • Free† Direct Deposit and Online Bill Payment
  • Use it Everywhere Visa Debit Card Accepted in the U.S.
  • Easy Online/Mobile Account Access
  • Perfect for Occasional Usage


42 Responses to “AccountNow Prepaid Cards”

  1. Shanda Reddest

    You should tell people that its 9.95 for fee to use the card (monthly). I was going to use the card I was sent in the mail but I already have a card like this one but only pay 3.00 $ a month to use.So Thanks but NO THANKS.

  2. Alicia Haynes

    I just got my card about 1 hr ago and after viewing all or the other comments as i was getting ready to activate the card. It seems as if my Accountnow card is no different from my MioCard. I HATE my MioCard. Are they about they about the same?

  3. what the hell i cannot log onto my account now.. wtf its been three days and you guys give me no email updates on my card??????? wtf.. i cant get through to you guys now or even during the day…..

  4. Tony Thompson

    I just got my card today its a little foggy on the monthly service does it charge me if i have direct deposit because if so my other card has a monthly fee as well but its lower than this one an the monthly fee is cheaper im trying to get away from that all together my metabank card said there wouldn’t be a monthly service for derict deposit but it has been charging me still as well as atm transactions its only 225 but your card states its 250 to withdraw from an atm plz help i need some answers p.s. why would it state that you could activate your account online if theres no featrue to do so?

    • Tony, there is a monthly fee of $9.95 for the AccountNow prepaid card. If you want a card with no monthly fee, I’d suggest the Mango MasterCard. If you load $500 or more each month, there is not monthly fee, and it’s only $5 a month if you load less than $500. If you are looking for free ATM withdrawals, the Green Dot MasterCard is your best bet. Either way, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before making your selection.

  5. clearence

    and this is a goodthing ? a card u cant get to work or activate and you want me to put my money on it . i sweat my balls off every day fore my money. i think we all need to say No!!!!! more scham cards. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jerry, keep in mind that some people can’t qualify for or don’t want a bank account. Also, if you don’t manage your bank account very carefully, the fees can easily exceed a prepaid card. Of course, a bank account is a great option, I’m just suggesting it’s not the only good option.

  6. What exactly is the point of getting a prepaid card? Most banks offer a standard checking account option with no minimum balance, no fees for atmwithdrawals and no fees for using the card, either monthly or for individual purposes. Plus, they don’t usually check credit. I know because I have pretty poor credit right now and I just opened a Suntrust account. So why bother with this scam?

  7. Elizabeth

    The point of these prepaids is for people that can’t get a checking account. People who had too many bounced checks or couldn’t fund their account after it went so far negative with the overdraft fees at the bank. These folks are now basically blacklisted and can not open up any checking account.

    This is an option for those folks.

  8. Annoyed

    OK, I just found a card I ordered last week, AccountNow “Gold Card. I activated it over the telephone, and then loaded funds onto it. Well, after trying to use it at an ATM, it says I exceeded the amount I can take out, or whatever…. blah blah. WHAT? I JUST put money on it, and just happened to NEED the money. And NOW I cannot get my own money? This is absolute CRAP.

    How is it possible that not even using it, I exceeded the limit?? AND on top of that, I STILL got charged at the ATM. I want my money, so I can burn the card and send it back to AccountNow. I should have learned the first time I got screwed out of money. And please do not tell me to call them, I TIRED that, and it got me nowhere.

  9. Annoyed

    “Card number pending”, is what it says when I log into Accountnows site. Wtf? OK, so I called and thought maybe I made an error, but I didn’t. They tell me over the telephone, on that annoying automated service, that it is activated.. why would it say it is STILL pending, anyone know?? And could this be why I cannot remove my own money from an ATM?

  10. Annoyed

    Received card 2 weeks ago, loaded with Money Pak, as always. STILL says pending, and have not been able to reach anyone, because I work late. I expected to be able to use the card, as usual, but something got all bollocked up. Luckily I was able to transfer the money to someone elses card. But this card, as far as I see it, is useless. Needed the funds at a particular time, could not get the funds in time, and lost time that was to be spent making money, trying to sort it. So it ended up costing me money.

  11. Charles J. Todd

    Account now SUCKS!!!! I applied for and recieved a pre-paid account now visa card in the mail. I have been trying to activate the card for almost a week now. All I get is automated tellers with a bunch of BS. I would like to talk to a live person, when I do get one on the phone, they transfer me back to the automated teller. I would just give up and find a differant card, but I started a new job and gave my employer the information for direct deposit with this new card that I can not activate. Now Its going to be even more crap to get my pay from my employer. Dont go with account now unless you liked to be screwed around!

    • Derrick, I believe that is how AccoutnNow would charge the fee. I recently got an AccountNow card, but have not added any funds to it yet, and haven’t been charged a fee.

    • Polly, you can use an ATM machine, although there is a fee. You can also just use the card to make purchases. Some retailers allow you to get cash back over and above the purchase price.

    • Steve, AccountNow does NOT report to the 3 credit agencies. As for prepaid cards, you may want to look at the FlexCard Ultimate Credit Building Prepaid Card, which I’m told reports to the credit agencies as well (but be sure to double-check with them if you go this route).

  12. WOW, can u say scam? i got the card 5 days ago activated it and still says card number pending.. and i made a deposit… nothing OH and when i try to log in for recent info (cardholder # not linked to this site) So SCAM thank god it was only $40 or id sue…. worthless company

  13. Lanita

    I direct deposit my paycheck onto my card. Wen I get txt alerts it tells that I have a 0 dollar balance but wen I check on the website it has the right amount under credit tho :/

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