A Free and Easy Way to Track Reward Miles and Points

Update: Manilla closed its doors on July 1, 2014. You can find alternatives to Manilla here.

After yesterday’s article about how to get 100,000 bonus points with the British Airways Visa Signature Card, I started to think about all of the reward miles and points I have. Like many, I have rewards on credit cards, hotel reward programs, airline frequent flyer programs, and even rental car programs. And the truth is I have no idea how many points or miles I have with each program.

So I started searching for an easy way to keep track of it all. And what I found was a free website I was already very familiar with–Manilla.

I reviewed Manilla not long ago, but hadn’t focused on its ability to track reward programs (it’s primary function is to organize your bills). So this morning I started the process of connecting the rewards programs my wife and I have joined to Manilla.

Linking Rewards Programs to Manilla

Linking accounts is easy. Once logged into Manilla, you select from the list of rewards programs Manilla supports, and enter your login information for each rewards program. It took Manilla about 15 to 20 seconds to connect each account and show me the points or miles balances for each.

Once you link all of your rewards accounts, Manilla gives you a nice snapshot of your rewards. Here’s what ours looks like:

Manilla Travel and Rewards Snapshot

There are a couple things to note about our rewards. First, you’ll notice that we have over 100,000 American Express Rewards points. Fifty thousand of those points came as a bonus when we upgraded to the Platinum Amex. It comes with a hefty annual fee, but the rewards more than make up for it.

Second, you’ll notice that our Starwood points stand at 0. We just obtained the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, which comes with up to 25,000 bonus points. We’ve earned those bonus points, but they haven’t been added to our account yet.

Manilla is Good, But Not Perfect

There were a few pleasant surprises with Manilla. First, it enables users to link certain programs that I would have guess would not be available. The Best Buy rewards program is a perfect example of this. Second, Manilla let’s you link certain credit card rewards programs. I’ve mentioned above that I linked my American Express rewards to Manilla. It also lets you link Citi ThankYou points and the Chase rewards programs.

As handy as Manilla is, it’s not perfect. For starters, you can’t link your American Airlines AAdvantage miles to Manilla. I guess they haven’t been able to reach an agreement with AA. And some credit card rewards programs are not available, most notably Discover and Capital One. These drawbacks are significant for us, because we have miles with AA and cash back points with Capital One.

But all in all Manilla is a good service. It will be better when they add more rewards programs. But it’s still a handy (and free) way to keep track of your rewards miles and points.

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5 Responses to “A Free and Easy Way to Track Reward Miles and Points”

  1. PopiLopi

    I’ve been a Manilla user for about 6 months and not that long ago it used to let me keep track of my AAdvantage miles, one day the account just vanished. I guess their agreement ended.

    • Rob Berger

      That is a frustrating aspect of these types of services. If they lose their agreement with a provider like AA, you can’t track your miles. Mint.com has the same issue from time to time.

  2. Annuities

    I have experience with Manilla and Award wallet, and for some of the reasons you stated above, I found Award wallet to be the better package. They are both free, so it’s a wash there, but I feel that Manilla is lacking in its coverage of award programs. Plus, the general use and feel is much more user friendly with award wallet. Both will work, but I think one may be just a little bit better. Thanks for sharing!

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