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Gone are the days of clipping coupons from newspapers. If you are an extreme couponer, these 10 coupon apps are for you.
The one thing I remember most about working at Kroger 30 years ago was double-coupon days. Oh, the crowds. Oh, the coupons. And Oh, the carts overflowing with groceries.

My experience as a cashier explains my aversion to coupons. Still, there’s no denying that a penny saved is a penny earned. And what about $2 billion in pennies?

“In the first half of 2011, consumers saved about $2 billion by using coupons.”

That’s a lot of coupon clipping. Debate still rages over whether or not extreme couponing is really worth the time and effort.

The bane of a couponer’s existence is finding and organizing all those tiny rectangles. Luckily, many retailers are starting to offer mobile coupons. They’re easier to find and organize on your Smartphone. You can also use your Smartphone to find the best prices on everything from groceries to Amazon purchases when you don’t have a coupon to use.

So if you’re seeking more ways to save, check out these top 10 apps for extreme couponing:

Store-Specific Apps

More stores where coupons are available are sending out their coupons through Smartphone apps specific to their chain. Here are the top store-specific apps to check out:

1. Target App: If you’re a frequent shopper at Target, this app is a must-have. You can use it to shop online, manage registries, or even store and use those Target gift cards you scored over the holidays. Plus, you can view your local store’s weekly ad on your phone, and you can have daily deals and twice-a-month coupons sent directly to your phone.

2. Walgreens: Many extreme couponers love saving on personal health care items by combining coupons and sales at local drug stores. The Walgreens app allows you to receive exclusive offers and weekly store ads on your phone.

Plus, you can use the barcode/QR code scanner to learn more about products while you’re in the store or checking out Walgreens’s physical weekly ad. As an added bonus, the app comes with options for refilling your prescriptions, checking your prescription history, or even ordering photos straight from your phone.

3. CVS: The CVS Pharmacy app is similar to the Walgreens app. It gives you exclusive coupons and lets you create a shopping list while checking out the weekly ad. If you’re an ExtraCare card user, you can actually create a mobile ExtraCare card on your phone. Then, use the app to access your ExtraCare points account.

Of course, this is also similar to the Walgreens app in allowing you to refill a prescription and check out your prescription history. If you’re in need of urgent care services, you can also use the app to find your nearest Minute Clinic and check out its hours and services.

Other Couponing Apps

To broaden your mobile couponing search, check out these apps that help compile savings from several different stores and brands, all at once:

4. SnipSnap: This app is ideal for extreme couponers. You snap a picture of coupons with your SmartPhone. The app not only captures the coupon, but it also stores the expiration date and provides in-store reminders. It’s social, too. You can connect with friends to share coupons.

5. Shopkick: This free Android and iPhone app gives you exclusive deals for major chain stores like Toys R’ Us, Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy. The app actually gives you points just for walking in to some of these stores, and you can redeem the points for rewards later.

Plus, you can use the app to browse deals at your favorite stores. Some of the offers on Shopkick are exclusive or aren’t as well-advertised. With the latest app update, when you browse rewards before going to a store, you’ll get even more points for walking in.

6. Yowza: This free app nixes your need to clip coupons. Just boot it up, and it alerts you to coupons and deals in your geographic area. Many of these coupons come directly from merchants, so they may be options you won’t find anywhere else.

With Yowza, you can save the coupons you like best, so they’re easy to find on your phone. Then, have the cashier scan the coupons directly from your phone at the register. They work just like traditional paper coupons – without all the clipping and binders and headache.

7. The Coupon App: True to its name, this app helps you save money in a myriad of ways. It includes a coupon widget to give you daily deals. The coupon database is updated continuously every day. You can save coupons so you can more easily find them later, or you can share them with friends.

The great part about The Coupon App is that it has such a large database of coupons. You can search them (even by voice search) while you’re actually shopping to pick up last minute deals. As with similar apps, you can use this one for mobile coupons that can be scanned right at the register.

8. Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper: If you’re interested in cross-referencing manufacturer coupons with store sales, this is the couponing app for you. Using coupons for items that are already on sale is how the extreme couponers save so much money. This app actually tracks store prices from Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Target, CVS, and Walgreens, and then shows you exactly how to use current manufacturer’s coupons to save.

Note that this app allows you to save with printable coupons and coupons from your Sunday insert. You can have printable coupons emailed to you for printing. If the app is showing a coupon from a Sunday paper insert, it will let you know what date the insert was sent so you can find and clip the coupon on your own. You still have to carry paper coupons, but this app does the cross-referencing work for you.

9. Best Coupons and Deals: This app allows you to save more on your favorite brands, especially restaurants and clothing brands. You can sign up for exclusive offers or push notifications for hot deals. You can also share deals with friends using Best Coupons and Deals.

One great part about this app is that it lets you choose the offers you see. You’ll be able to sign up for exclusive offer emails from particular brands that you shop with often.

10. CardStar: With this iPhone or Android app, you can move all your loyalty cards onto your SmartPhone by taking a picture of them. You don’t have to stuff your wallet with cards are add them to your key chain. And stores can scan in your account directly from your phone.

Whether you’re already an extreme couponer or are just learning the ropes of saving through coupons, these apps can be a huge help. Let us know in the comment what other apps you use to find deals or organize your favorite coupons.

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My wife and I are border line extreme couponers! We have significantly reduced the number of food items that we get but still stock up heavily on the non perishables such as soap, shampoo, etc.

Elizabeth says:

I am just starting out as a couponer. I just learned you have to alphabetically categorize your coupons. For real, it took me so long to just figure that out. I used to think you categorize by preference, and/or priority first. But, now I found out the real system, i.e. eating out, electronics, home improvement, et al. I hear one of the Kardashian sister’s is extreme couponing. This is great! If I can just find these early, remember to use these, and find enough time to go out to use them. I know the doubling coupon deal where stores will ‘double up’ on manufacture coupon and store coupon, or the 2X coupon days some grocers will do. I hope one day it goes back to the good ol’ days where they worshipped couponing!!!

M Gridley says:

A note on SnipSnap–it does NOT support manufacturer’s coupons or redemption at grocery stores. You might want to amend your article to include this rather important fact.

GregT says:

Any apps similar to SnipSnap-it that do accept manufacturers coupons and in store redemption?

Fredman says:

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