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Budgeting is a critical step toward financial independence. Monitoring your spending enables you to understand how and where you spend money, which in turn empowers you to make smarter money management decisions. Despite the many benefits of home budgeting, however, most people fail to consistently track their spending. Budgeting can be tedious, time-consuming, and let’s face it, depressing. Fortunately, there is a new, easy to use budgeting software system that actually works–You Need a Budget (YNAB).

YNAB has several budgeting features that distinguish it from other personal finance software.

Revolutionary Budgeting Interface

Quickly allocate funds to your customized spending categories and monitor category balances throughout the month. YNAB’s revolutionary budgeting interface lets you quickly and easily see what funds you have available to budget and then allocate those funds to your own custom spending categories. If funds are not spent in a particular month, they roll over to the next month so your balances can accumulate. You can monitor your spending category balances throughout the month to ensure your spending is in line with your goals.

Import Bank Transactions

Let the bank do the tracking for you. If your bank is compatible with Quicken or MS Money, then it’s compatible with YNAB. YNAB imports OFX, QFX, QIF, and CSV files from virtually every banking institution available. How do we keep your data secure? We never ask for it in the first place. You download your bank transactions from your bank’s website and we’ll import the file. You’ll have no need to worry about one institution having all of your bank data.

Schedule Recurring Transactions

Don’t miss a bill again. Ever. Perhaps you’ve been forgetful a few times with bills. Let YNAB help you out. Simply enter your recurring bills one time in the Scheduler and YNAB will auto-enter the transaction when it needs to be paid. Or maybe you never forget a bill, but you’re just tired of entering transactions over and over again…the Scheduler will take away a bit of your pain.

Do Your Budgeting in No Time Flat

Budget for the upcoming month with a few clicks. While it’s important to recognize that each month is different and that “normal” months don’t exist, it’s also important to realize that you’re busy–and budgeting can be tedious. We’ve taken care of the tedium. With a few clicks, simply carryover last month’s budget to this month, review the numbers, and tweak where necessary. You’re done.

More YNAB Pro Features

And we know we’re forgetting some as well.

  • Split transactions with ease.
  • Track of all of your account balances in one simple interface.
  • Easily see a breakout of spending in a specific category.
  • Monitor your spending trends.
  • Compare spending of one category to another.
  • Easily employ the envelope budgeting method.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the YNAB Methodology built right in.

YNAB Comes in Three Versions

YNAB Pro – $49.95

YNAB Pro takes YNAB one step further with added functionality that just isn’t possible on a spreadsheet platform. YNAB Pro is an instant digital download. You can also buy a hard copy. Runs great on any current version of Windows: XP, 2000, and Vista. YNAB Pro is NOT compatible with Macs (yet), though you can run it great in an emulator.

YNAB Basic – $24.95

This is a digital download that you’ll have up and running in one minute — literally. Packaged in spreadsheet format, YNAB is compatible with Excel (Windows or Mac), OpenOffice, and NeoOffice (Mac).

“The YNAB Way” – $11.95

“The YNAB Way” walks you carefully through the YNAB Methodology, from its conception to the bitter, boring end. It’s jam-packed with the WHYS and HOWS behind YNAB. Even without the software, this book will revolutionize the way you think about your money.

YNAB 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

guaranteeYNAB budgeting software comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. According to YNAB, “if at any time within 60 days you become displeased with the YNAB system, YNAB will refund the purchase price in full.”

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Debra Becker says:

help im doing the dave ramsey method not working for me at all. I just take from one envelope to another if I am short so whats the point.