Would You Bank at Redneck Bank?

You likely won’t come across another bank quite like Redneck Bank.  When you visit this online bank’s website, you are met with the large image of a mule complete with animated eyes.  Opposite the mule is the account login button, which is an icon of a little outhouse.  Underneath the bank’s name is their slogan, “where bankin’s funner!”  This is not your typical bank.  It might look like some kind of joke, but the bank’s unique approach and generous rates have attracted numerous customers.

Redneck Bank launched two years ago, but its parent bank, Oklahoma-based Bank of the Wichitas has been around since 1913.  Online banking is a competitive niche market and Redneck Bank felt that their gimmick might help set them apart.  While banks like JPMorgan and Bank of America attempt to look dependable and serious, Redneck Bank promised to “inject a little fun into the seriousness of the banking business.”  The bank certainly has added an unusual humor to the typically stodgy banking world.  Here is just a little of the redneck vernacular you’ll find on the site:

  • “got yer account number?”
  • “we got yer answers…”
  • “nuttin’ to sign, fax or mail.”
  • “get yer redneck checkcard now!”

Redneck Bank’s unique tactic caused it to go viral as websites and chat rooms began reporting on the bank and wondering whether it was a real bank.  Now Redneck Bank has customers from all 50 states, and a significant part of the Bank of Wichitas’ deposits come from online bank deposits.  Despite its unconventional approach to attracting customers, Redneck Bank is in fact an FDIC insured bank.  Some customers are likely drawn to Redneck Bank by how much it differs from traditional, brick-and-mortar banks.  The bank also manages to lure lots of customers by offering a high-yield reward checking accounts with an insane interest rate.  Redneck Bank offers three different accounts:

Flat out free checking account

  • Free checking with no monthly fee
  • Free ATM transactions worldwide
  • Free online banking
  • No minimum balance

Mega money market account

  • Interest rate of 1.75% APY
  • Free Redneck Bank VISA CheckCard
  • Free checking and online banking
  • No minimum balance

Redneck rewards checking account

  • High 3.75% APY
  • Free ATM transactions worldwide
  • Free checking and online banking
  • No minimum balance
  • Free Redneck Bank VISA CheckCard
  • 2 Requirements: You must make 10 monthly CheckCard sales transactions and all statements must be received electronically

I have to admit, when I first saw Redneck Bank’s website, I laughed and almost immediately cast aside the idea of opening an account there.  However, after looking at what Redneck bank actually offers, I have since changed my mind.  If I were opening an online bank account, Redneck Bank’s offer of free checking—particularly free ATM use worldwide—and high interest rates would lead me to strongly consider banking with them.  In addition, in the last several years, we’ve seen many banks with fancy names and distinguished histories struggle and crumble under bad loans.  We’ve learned that a bank’s appearance is not necessarily an indicator of its financial health.  I think if you look beyond Redneck Bank’s hillbilly image, you will see an attractive banking option.

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  1. Being from Oklahoma (but not a redneck), I thought I’d check out the bank’s website. It looks like the Rewards Checking account is “sold out”. It doesn’t say when they will be offering it again.

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