Three “No Brainers” Many New Entrepreneurs Fail to Realize

My wife and I consider ourselves well educated business people. We collectively have 25 years of real world business experience. Yet, when we began our entrepreneurial adventure to create sight word games, we failed to appreciate a few obvious realities. Is Patience One of Your Virtues? College business classes taught us that it is important […]

Collecting Money From Family and Friends is No Easy Task

Lending money to family and friends is usually a complicated situation and one that most people try to avoid at all costs.  What? You mean you’ve already lent it? In that case, collecting on that loan really comes down to the type of relationship you have with the person and how serious you are about […]

When You Absolutely Need a Prenup Agreement

Divorces are usually ugly ordeals and most people tend to avoid thinking about them unless they have to. This is mainly why discussing prenuptial agreements seems so taboo, especially if you’re still enjoying the afterglow of a recent engagement. Just because it’s hard to talk about doesn’t mean it’s something to avoid, however. Getting a […]

DIY Credit Help: The 5 Credit Scores You Need To Know

A common consumer misconception is that there is one credit score, when the truth is there are dozens. Many different lenders, credit bureaus, companies, and credit reporting agencies have their own credit score based on their particular brand of credit score model. Every credit score model out there shares two things in common: They use […]

Your Credit Score: When Good Enough Will Do

In life, some high numbers matter more than others. A higher SAT score may get you that scholarship or that coveted spot at your chosen university. A higher salary is very rarely a negative. And having ended the game with the highest number on the scoreboard makes your team the winner. Having a really high […]

Best Side-Money Making Gigs on Craigslist

If you’re like most people, the idea of generating supplemental revenue for your household balance sheet is not a bad idea. Getting a second job is a very common way to make a little extra cash to help with bills, save money to reach your goals faster or pay off any outstanding debt. A good […]