What Happens If You Lose a RedBox Movie Rental?

I’m a big movie watcher, and I love taking advantage of movie deals like the popular Netflix free trial or RedBox free rental codes. But one of these almost came back to haunt me, through no fault of my own. I recently had a scare when I returned a movie to Red Box and didn’t […]

Why You Might Have the Wrong Credit Card

If used correctly, a credit card in the right hands can be a very effective personal finance tool and you can take advantage of many different credit card types. For example, big spenders can benefit from generous rewards cards, whereas those trying to pay off debt can capitalize on low credit card interest rates. With […]

Is an Old-School Gas Card the Answer to Establishing Credit?

It’s quite possibly one of the most frustrating financial dilemmas that just about every young adult goes through: In order to build credit, you need a credit card, but in order to get a card, you need credit. Who came up with this system? There’s plenty of advice out there about getting around this issue, […]

5 Credit Card Myths That Just Won’t Die (but should)

There is a lot of information out there about credit cards and their use. Naturally, some of it is true and some of it is false. This much is clear. What’s difficult is separating the fact from the fiction, and as laws, fees and consumer credit card rights change, it becomes harder and harder to […]

Would You Rather Earn More or Spend Less?

Here’s a hypothetical personal finance question for you: Would you rather work more hours to support a lavish lifestyle, or adopt a more frugal lifestyle that requires less time trying to make money? Granted, there could be many things to consider when coming to an answer for a philosophical question like this. But if you […]

The Company Men and How NOT to Handle a Layoff

Recently I went to see “The Company Men,” a drama about the devastating effects of downsizing during the recent recession. The film focuses on the character of Bobby Walker, played by Ben Affleck, who is a hardworking, ambitious sales executive enjoying the fruits of success: big house, sporty Porsche, exclusive golf club membership, etc. Until […]