5 Costly Mistakes That Will Lower Your Credit Score

A good credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest. Several common mistakes can lower your credit score. Here’s how to avoid them. Getting your credit score above that coveted 800 mark is a tough road. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to slowly build your credit score into something […]

How to Teach Kids About Money

It’s important for parents to teach their children about money. Financial lessons learned early in life can prevent financial pain later in life. Here’s how one father is teaching his son to handle money. Several years ago, I took my son Gavin to the CoinStar machine to turn the random coins he’d been collecting into […]

We Are All Consultants Now

In trying to understand the way jobs are evolving, particularly for white collar professions, I find two phrases quite useful: We are all between job searches. All jobs are now contract consulting jobs. “Whoa, wait a minute!” you might exclaim. “I have a steady job!  I’ve been there for 5 years, and I’m a full-time […]

Credit Cards Stack Up Well Against Interest Rates

For most of the 20th century interest rates in the USA moved in a range that would swing like a monetary pendulum with a center of gravity around 10 percent. Many people born during the baby boomer generation, for example, lived through decades when financial planners advised that borrowing money for anything in the single […]

How Will a Government Shutdown Affect Workers?

Our government is currently entrenched in a game of chicken, with both political parties staring each other down to see who blinks first. At stake is the passing of a spending bill, which is essential to keep our government running without interruption. If no agreement is reached by April 8th, then the government will not […]

Which Account is Best for You? Money Market or Savings

When it comes to banking, you have a number of options. There are different types of accounts; each type of account comes with different benefits and features. Two accounts that are somewhat similar are money market accounts and savings accounts. Both are considered savings deposit accounts, but there are some differences between the ways the […]