DR Podcast 321: Think Retiring Early is Just for the Wealthy? Think Again

 Early retirement. It’s something I thought and dreamt about for years, long before I even believed it was actually possible for a normal working couple.  There were several self-limiting beliefs: I assumed early retirement required extreme wealth. I thought people who retired in their 30’s and 40’s did it by taking major risks, inheriting […]

Don’t Waste Money On That Degree–Get a Personal MBA

No need to go to an expensive business school. Get a personal MBA instead. Our review of the Personal MBA reveals how. The Personal MBA is an interesting book and project developed by Josh Kaufman. It challenges conventional wisdom about the value of a formal business education. As someone interested in both learning more about business […]

(Book Review) Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find a Career and a Life That You Really Want

If you looking to make a change to your career this may be the book for you. Leap: Find the career and life you really want is a book a that helps you jump into a new life, even if you don’t know exactly what’s next. Here’s our review. Tess Vigeland had a “successful” career […]

Andrew Experiment: Part 3–How Hard is it to be a DIY Investor?

I have been working with a Doughroller reader/listener named “Andrew” and documenting his process of learning to manage his finances and become a DIY investor. The biggest issue that Andrew wanted to address was learning how to invest his money. Let’s dive into how we went about figuring out an investing strategy. Know Yourself First […]

The Andrew Experiment, Part 2: How to Become a Millionaire By Age 40

A few months ago, we published the first installment of  “The Andrew Experiment.” This was a case study of Andrew, a Dough Roller reader and listener who was feeling overwhelmed by the process of investing and starting to build wealth. The purpose of the experiment was to test my hypothesis: With the right coaching, any […]

How I Reached Financial Independence By Age 40

Learning how to achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE) is pretty simple in theory. I’ve covered some key technical concepts is past articles. These include the math behind building wealth quickly and simple tax planning strategies common in the FIRE community. While the concepts are simple in theory, they are not always easy in […]