6 Ways to Land Your First Management Role (and What It Means for You)

For most people, making the leap from team member to a management role is one of the most challenging steps faced in the early years of your career. Finding the time to develop leadership skills, especially when your day job is so fast paced, can be hard. Even once you’ve honed the skills required, being […]

How to Make Your Annual Performance Review Work for You

Performance reviews can strike fear in the heart of even the most diligent worker. No matter how well you feel things have been going, the thought of sitting down with your boss to scrutinize your value in the office can be terrifying. If you’re worried about your upcoming review, it can be tempting to ignore […]

6 Ways to Use Your Commute to Further Your Career

Commuting is a painful reality of modern working life. For most of us, it sucks valuable time out of the day. Every single day. Twice. Let’s say you travel an hour each way, five days a week. Over the course of a year, you’re spending more than three weeks just commuting. That’s 520 hours — […]

How to Explain a Unique Career History

In today’s workforce, the career “ladder” is an outdated concept. Modern careers tend to involve more lateral movement between roles, businesses, and segments, gathering experience and skills along the way. Some even include gaps of time between roles. This may be due to a layoff, or perhaps an intentional break from the job in order […]

How to Answer These 10 Tricky Interview Questions

If you have an interview lined up, you’re probably feeling a little anxious. That’s natural, and can be a useful motivator to get both practically and mentally prepared. No two interviews are the same, so you can not fully predict how your meeting is going to go. But you can make sure you have some […]

It’s Not What You Know: Building Your Office Network

Networking occasionally gets a bad rap. To some of us, it just sounds like schmoozing. Maybe following people around who are on your ‘hit list,’ until they notice you. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Good networking is not creepy, and it’s not professionally-legitimized stalking. It is a process of building mutually beneficial […]