How to Win a Credit Card Dispute and Win

Have you ever found a charge on your credit card statement that you didn’t make? Here’s how to dispute a credit card charge – and WIN. Have you ever glanced at your credit card statement, only to discover a charge that you didn’t make? It can be stressful. An incorrect charge could be the result […]

Should You Trust Nationwide SmartRide with Your Auto Insurance?

We’ve all heard the jingle “Nationwide is on your side” – but how do they stack up with car insurance? We answer that question in our full Nationwide auto insurance review. Nationwide is one of the biggest car insurance companies in the country. You’ve probably seen Nationwide ads on television featuring sports stars and country […]

5 Money Lessons From Ben Franklin That Still Strike Lightning Today

Ben Franklin is well known for his wisdom. Poor Richard’s Almanac remains as applicable today as it was nearly 300 years ago. Here we look at 5 money lessons from Benjamin Franklin that are relevant today. You’re probably familiar with the saying that “time is money.” Well, it turns out that some money lessons are almost […]

3 Signs You Should Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save money and keep you more comfortable. Here we cover these and other reasons why you should install a programmable thermostat. Do you dream of toasty winter nights and cool summer days inside your home? Reaching that balance (without shelling out too much cash on your electric bill) can be a […]

What Are Mortgage Points and Do You Need to Buy Them?

Purchasing mortgage points could be a good way to reduce your monthly home payments beyond just using a strong down payment. Maybe you’ve heard of points as you’re shopping around for a home. But you may not be sure what they are or how they’re used. We’re here to fill in the gaps for you. Take […]

4 Steps to Take When You and Your Spouse Don’t Agree On Spending Habits

Marriage is about compromise, teamwork, and communication. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for all of these things to go out the window when couples start talking about finances. Sitting down to make a budget and create a spending plan can be a frustrating experience for many couples, though. Things can become even more frustrating when spouses […]