Here’s How Much Money You Need to Live Comfortably in America’s Major Cities

Income, expenses, and priorities all determine where you can comfortably live and work. Can you afford America’s major cities? It should come as no surprise that living in a major city is often pricey. Your cost of living is impacted by everything from housing costs to gasoline, utilities, and even food prices–and when you live […]

Facet Wealth Review – Financial Planning for a Flat Fee

Ever wish your robo advisor could talk? Maybe it’s time to trade up for a dedicated financial planner—a real human that can guide you on your investment journey and all everyday financial questions. This option’s low flat fees mean the price makes sense like never before. Table of Contents About Facet Wealth How Facet Wealth […]

What is Youtube TV and Can It Replace Your Cable Box?

These days, it’s possible to create the home entertainment situation you want, without paying the cost of cable. Table of Contents What is YouTube TV? How to Watch YouTube TV How Much Does YouTube TV Cost? Can YouTube TV Really Replace Cable? Bottom Line: Putting Together Your Entertainment Package One of the first things we […]

Investing in Sin Stocks

Sin stocks may be frowned upon, but provide excellent investment opportunities. Are they worth it for the average investor? Creating part of your portfolio with sin stocks can be a profitable investment strategy if you do it the right way. Be aware that these stocks generally attract a lower number of investors, as many people […]

Best Online Will Maker

Creating an official Last Will and Testament is extremely important but complicated to do alone. Fortunately, there are great online will services that make it as easy and budget-friendly as possible. We all recognize the importance of planning ahead, especially regarding our finances and assets. Unfortunately, many of us drag our feet in actually doing […]

The Best Interest Rates for December 2019

Finding the best interest rates is a lot easier today than it was even a few years ago. Here at Dough Roller, we track rates on everything from checking and savings accounts to mortgages to CDs. It occurred to me, however, that there was no one single page on the site where you could find the […]