11 Scary Money Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

Trick or treat! It’s pumpkin-everything and sweater weather time. But beware, this cozy season is dressed to deceive. Here are 11 money mistakes to avoid this holiday season. For many of us, the holidays kick off with Halloween. Let’s be honest, the beginning of October is basically the start of holiday season in my household. […]

6 Retirement Steps to Prepare for the Big 60

Approaching retirement? Here are the crucial retirement steps you should consider by the time you turn 60. Table of Contents Get Specific Benefit Information for Your Social Security and Pension Recalculate the Income You Expect from Your Retirement Plans Increase Retirement Plan Contributions If Retirement Income Will Be Insufficient Pay Off Any Debts You Have […]

CountAbout Review – Great for Tracking Detailed Budgets

Every penny counts. That’s a basic budgeting rule but there’s nothing basic about this budgeting tool. It may be simple to use, but in our CountAbout Review, we’ll show you how some detailed features can work for your dollars. Move over, Mint.com. There’s a new budgeting tool in town. CountAbout is a relatively new all-around […]

The New American Dream

Many millennials have a new idea of the American Dream, one that centers around financial independence. How attainable is it? We’re used to hearing about the “traditional” American Dream. Big house in the suburbs with a high-end car. All this achieved, of course, after attending college and getting a degree so you can settle into […]

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Wealthy

It’s never too late to adopt better money habits and begin your path to wealth and, more importantly, financial freedom. Here are 8 things that may be holding you back. Are you in your late 30s–or worse, 40s–on a shoestring budget? If so, you may be doing something wrong. Here are some reasons you may […]

Podcast 322: What Can an Investment Advisor Do For You?

Can you put a value on professional investment advice? In episode 322 of the Dough Roller Money Podcast, we speak with a researcher who did just that. Find out if an investment advisor is worth your money. With the advent of low-cost index funds, the case for hiring an expensive investment advisor has grown considerably […]