DR Podcast 311: The Flywheel

The squeaky wheel may get the grease but the flywheel gets the dough. What is a flywheel, you ask? Rob describes it as a wheel that doesn’t like change. It’s difficult to get it rolling, but once it builds momentum, you can’t stop it. That’s what you want to envision as you contribute to your […]

Turbotax vs. TaxSlayer vs. Credit Karma Comparison

Looking to find the best way to file your taxes and save the money this tax season? Look no further than this comparison of three excellent options: TurboTax, TaxSlayer, and Credit Karma. Each option listed here gives you a way to walk through your tax filing virtually, and they all file your taxes for you […]

TurboTax vs FreeTaxUSA Comparison

Looking for help preparing your taxes on your own? There’s no shortage of tax prep software available for a variety of situations. As you try to decide which program to use, it can help to make a comparison. Here’s what you need to know about TurboTax vs FreeTaxUSA. Both TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA offer you the […]

Wealthfront Cash Account Review – An Impressive 2.57% APY

Here’s a reason to start investing if you haven’t already. When you invest with Wealthfront, you can also open an Wealthfront Cash Account–a new savings account with a high APY. Below is everything you need to know about Wealthfront’s Cash Account. Wealthfront is moving into a new area of banking by now offering what they […]

6 Weird Ways to Invest Your Money

A volatile stock market and crummy interest rates have forced a lot of people to get creative when it comes to investing their money. We’ve put together a list of six of the wackiest ways people are parking their cash. A quick word of caution before you go crazy with these types of investments — […]

TaxAct vs. H&R Block vs. TaxSlayer: Which is the Best, Low-Cost Tax Services?

How are you filing your taxes this year? We’ve compared three of the big names in budget-friendly tax software to help you decide on one. Find out which comes out on top, here’s TaxAct vs. H&R Block vs. TaxSlayer. Table of Contents A Little Bit About Each Product Key Features Pricing Sign-Up Process Security Mobile […]