A Review of Qoins, The App That Pays Off Your Debt

You’ve likely heard of apps that turn your spare change into investments but here, we’ll introduce you to an app that takes that change and uses it to pay off your debt. It’s called Qoins and right now you can get $3 just for trying it out. I love FinTech, and I’m always looking for […]

Secured vs Prepaid Credit Cards – Which is Better for You?

How do you feel about spending and budgeting? Depending on your answers, you’ll either choose a secured credit card or a prepaid card. So, which is better for you? If you’re trying to build or rebuild your credit, chances are you’ve heard of a secured credit card. But what about a prepaid credit card? Many […]

12 Ways to Save Money When Traveling Abroad

Vacations near or far can easily break the bank. But there are ways to cut costs, even if you’re going to another country. Here are 12 ways to save money when traveling abroad. I’ve was fortunate enough to get to live and travel all across Europe before having children. Over the course of my journeys, […]

Review of RushCard Prepaid Cards – An Excellent Choice for the Unbanked

No bank, no problem. A RushCard Prepaid card may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s even safer than carrying cash! Have you been having difficulty getting a bank account or credit card due to poor credit history? Or are you concerned about using your credit card or bank debit card for online purchases from […]

Finding Hidden Credit Card Perks & Benefits

Are you using your credit card to it’s full potential? These are the best credit card perks you might not know about and the fine print to watch out for. In This Article Price Protection Extended Warranty Return Protection Trip Coverage Delayed/Lost Luggage Protection Cell Phone Coverage Roadside Assistance There are plenty of good reasons […]

Credit Cards with the Best Travel Insurance

Trips and vacations can cost thousands, and cancelling them might cost you more. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of credit cards that offer the best travel insurance. Here’s what they offer. Credit cards are excellent for many reasons. They allow you financial flexibility, earn you rewards on the things you already buy, and even […]