Marriage and Credit Scores: What If the Worst Happens?

No one wants to think about unpleasant or upsetting situations but being prepared for the worst can protect your future. Here’s what you need to know about marriage and credit scores. We recently got an interesting question from a reader named Kathy. Even though I’ve written many articles about credit over the years, this particular […]

5 COBRA Alternatives That Could Save You Money

If you’ve ever been laid off or left your job voluntarily, you may have looked into COBRA. If so, you probably found that it would cost you a small fortune to continue your health insurance, especially since the government no longer subsidizes COBRA costs. Luckily, there are alternatives in today’s insurance market. Here’s what you […]

What is the Best Life Insurance You Can Buy?

Buying life insurance can be tough. First, you have to decide how much insurance coverage you need. That involves all kinds of detailed questions about your income, debts, and expectations. But then, you have to actually find the best life insurance for your particular needs. We’re here to make this confusing process a little simpler. […]

How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme (and Avoid Losing Your Money)

Bernie Madoff’s arrest in December of 2008 brought renewed attention to the concept of a Ponzi scheme. The close cousin of the Ponzi scheme, named for Charles Ponzi who swindled investors in the 1920’s, is a “pyramid scheme.” Similar to a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme is a form of fraud that promises participants payment […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth Buying? Here’s How to Decide

Travel insurance is a type of personal coverage used to protect oddball travel expenses. It covers things like medical bills if you’re sick or injured on your trip. Some policies will also pay back deposits you’ll lose on airfare or hotel accommodations, if you’re forced to cancel your trip. This all sounds great but, of […]

7 Timely Money Tips If You Become Unemployed

The unemployment rate has fallen dramatically in the past few years. But the memory of the latest financial crisis still lingers. It’s wise to recognize that there’s no such thing as true job security. You could find yourself unemployed after being gainfully employed for yearrs. After the shock settles in, you need to accept that […]