Looking for Life Insurance? Quotacy Can Help

Using search engines to find the content you’re looking for has become the way of life for almost every living, breathing computer user on the planet. In fact, it’s so prevalent that one such search engine has even become a verb — as in, I’m going to Google that later. If you don’t know how […]

9 Things You Aren’t Going to Find in Your FICO Credit Score

Although not the only credit score in use, the FICO score is the best-known and most widely-used credit score in the United States. Creditors use your FICO score (and other scores, such as the VantageScore) to determine your eligibility for loans, credit cards, and other types of credit. Employers will often request your credit score to […]

How Can Couples Budget When One Person Is Self-Employed?

Budgeting as a couple is challenging under the best of circumstances. How do you budget when one person is self-employed? Here’s one approach. Budgeting is fairly easy when both parties are salaried and have consistent income streams. Simply account for your incomes, deduct your recurring monthly expenses, automate savings and investments, and you’re pretty much […]

Preparing for Retirement Late in the Game

If you’ve come around late in preparing for retirement, take heart… you’re part of the majority. Data compiled by the Federal Reserve indicates that the average American household has only about $5,000 saved for retirement. I don’t know about you, but that won’t get me very far in my later years. Retirement planning isn’t one […]

Could Airbnb Pay Your Mortgage?

As I write this article, a stranger lounges in my guest bedroom. Don’t worry — he’s supposed to be there. In fact, he’s paying me for the privilege of sleeping in our guest bed. This guy, a college student traveling through town, is our fourth Airbnb guest. My husband and I decided to give Airbnb […]

The Andrew Experiment: Can You Easily Learn to Be a DIY Investor?

Recently, a Dough Roller reader and listener, Andrew, sent in a question that was read on episode 240 of the DR Podcast. Andrew said that he wants to take control of his finances, start building wealth, and learn about investing. However, he is feeling overwhelmed figuring out where to get started. It is a situation […]