Which Protects You Better: a Credit Freeze or Credit Monitoring?

Your gym locker has a combination… why not your credit report? You may be surprised to know that, by default, something as important as your credit report at Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion is NOT secured with a PIN or password.  So, what can you do to protect this information? You probably already realize just how […]

What Is The Cheapest Tax Software for 2017?

There are three major tax preparation software packages on the market that most do-it-yourself tax preparers will use – TurboTax, TaxACT and H&R Block. Comparing these three options to find the cheapest can be a real chore. Each has several editions with varying features. As a result, it is important to compare competing editions between […]

Should You Roll Over a 401(k) to an IRA?

If you’re thinking about leaving your current job, you have many things to consider. Is it the right move for your family? Will you be gaining or losing benefits? It also raises one very important question—should I roll over my 401k to an IRA. I’ve been faced with the same decision three times. The first […]

FreeTaxUSA Review

FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation website that enables you to Prepare, Print & E-file your taxes free. At least that’s true in regards to filing your Federal income tax return. This appears to be a pretty solid, if not spectacular, online tax preparation software. Let’s take a closer look. Who and What is FreeTaxUSA? […]

Maxing Out Retirement Accounts: How Rich Could You Be?

Everywhere you look, experts are telling you to contribute to your retirement accounts. Whether it’s advice from newspapers, blogs, financial planners, or friends, any advice that is worth taking must include planning for retirement. Why? Because it’s that important! Over time, setting aside a small portion of your monthly income can mean the difference between living a comfortable retirement and […]

8 Strategies for Stressing Less About Retirement

What stresses you out these days? For me, juggling work and family is the daily grind, but my underlying stress is largely financial — managing cash flow, paying off debt, saving for retirement. You know, the basics. Apparently I’m not alone. A recent Schwab survey found that retirement savings is the number one cause of […]